The name “Alf Alpha” can have lots of different meanings to lots of different people. Depending who you are, when you first hear the name Alf Alpha you might automatically think of the plant. Or you might think of the Little Rascals character. If you’re a child of the 90’s then you might think of the artificial life form, Alf. Or, if perhapse you are from Europe, you might think of the number one band in the UK for barn dances and ceilidhs. But, if you are from the Coachella Valley then I can almost guarentee that when you hear the name, “Alf Alpha,” you think of that DJ/music producer/record collector/soccer player/skateboarder/artist/breakdancing kid. Although he was born and raised in the Coachella Valley, a true desert rat at heart, Alf Alpha has always had that Hollywood twinkle in his eye. Now Alf Alpha is finally seeing stars, literally not figuratively, so read my interview below with a man whose sky is the limit.

Stage name:
Alf Alpha

Origin of the Stage name:
My friends and I did a hip hop show at club Rio in Cathedral City while in high school. I didn’t have a stage name at the time and my friend KC (8 Bit Bandit) gave me the name Alf Alpha on the flyer.

Where were you born? Raised?
Palm Springs/Palm Desert

How has the city you were raised in effect/influence your art?
Palm Desert in located in the center of the Coachella Valley. I live walking distant to the College of the Desert. After high school I began taking music and art classes there. I met a lot of local artist here. I also live walking distance to The Record Alley, the valley’s only independent record store.

What is it like to be a developing artist in the Coachella Valley?
I really enjoy living in the desert. The valley is surround by mountains which provided a scenic background. There isn’t too much going on, so it allows artists to focus on creating.

Astrological sign:

Who are some of your greatest influences?
Bands like The Doors, Nirvana, The Minutemen, Voodoo Glow Skills, and Rage Against the Machine. Early hip hop artists like Del La Soul, Tribe, Eric B and Rakim, Gang Starr, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, Nas, NWA, and Public Enemy. The late great James Brown and anything playing on KCRW’s Chocolate City.

What inspired you to get into music production/DJing?
I have always enjoyed music. When I was in middle school I was really into punk rock and Ska. My dad gave me a drum set when I was 13. During my sophomore year of high school, I sold my drum set and bought a pair of turntables.

Describe your sound.
My sound is eclectic. I listen to a lot of different styles of music. I don’t like to limit myself to just one genre.

What computer programs/software/machines do you you to make music?
Roland SP 808, Roland Dr-202, Roland SP 202, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, a couple of keyboards, Two Technics 1200, Rane 56, Korg Khaos pad, Serato, and Mac book.

Who have you shared the stage with?
Grand Master Flash, KRS One, Mos Def, The Clipses, Lupe Fiasco, Dilated Peoples, Moby, and Girltalk…

Who have you worked with in producing beats?
My beats were recently used for a documentary video featured on Current TV. I work at music studio so I am always working with cool new people. I have also worked with Rivel, Mc Speak, Macroscopic, and Zane.

Who do you still aspire to share the stage with?
Mariah Carey

Who are some MCs that you would like to work with?
Outkast, Jay Z, Lil Wayne

What are your goals as a DJ/Music Producer?
Make timeless music.

What is your advice for people who want to get into the DJ world or beat producer world? Always be yourself and be original.

What are some difficulties that you have as an artist?
It is difficult staying creative and having to so all the business side on things at the same time.

What can we expect from you in the future?
I am going to release free beat tapes and mixtapes. Also, more shows in the LA area.

Where can we find you on the internet?

What would you like to see happen in the artist youth culture of the Coachella Valley?
I would like to see a performing arts center that focuses on young people open in the desert.

What would, or who would, you like to see featured in the
Some thing on the The Date Farmers

Anything else you would like to add?
Obama + Hillary = 16 years

Alf Alpha playing at Heat Music Festival

Alf Alpha at his weekly gig in Downtown Los Angeles at Loyalty

Alf Alpha and Team Squeak E. Clean – playing soccer, Hollywood style

Download Alf Alpha’s tracks below