It has been rumored that you “see the light” in your final seconds of life before passing to the darkside. Caught in that magical moment between the light and the darkness is a local band from the Coachella Valley, Mira La Luz. That magical moment consisting of waves of emotion, confusion, experimentation, highs and lows is captured in the sounds that Mira La Luz protrudes. When you see the light, don’t fight it. When you hear Mira La Luz, you can’t deny it. There is something mysterious in the sounds they make that lures you into their zone. The twilight zone? The no zone? It doesn’t matter…just zone out and look out for Mira La Luz…

Name of Band: Mira La Luz
Astrological Signs:
Daniel: Pisces
Andrew: Scorpio son
Where were you guys born? Raised?-
D: Born and raised in a small town called Blyther, California…I also ventured and lived around in Las Vegas and New York during summer occasions.
A: I was born in the Coachella Valley, in the Palm Springs area and moved around through out California and Coachella Valley.
How do you think where you were born/raised effects/influences you as an artists?
A: Effects me greatly, the life that i have lived out here has effected me greatly. Im and only child and I had to many things to keep my self entertained and motivated with out the interaction of other siblings and friends. The life in the Coachella Valley is kind of like a cespool of nothingness and something, you just gotta slap it few times.
D: I lived in a really small town that changed drastically as the years have gone by. I come from a cultural clash of Mexican and white/Caucasian culture that has its ties from the way I talk to the things I remember as a child. Details can go on plenty of bad memories dealing with my culture, to family to the area of violent/suburbian chic that I grew up in. So in other words it has shaped me as an “artist” or a mad man.
Who are your biggest influences?
A: Musically it would be the whole American hardcore movement, the Mars Volta, Wu Tang Clan and Meche. In life Lugo(Daniel), Batman, the Joker and every other thug villian from the Boondocks.
D: Musically, I can stem it all to Curtis Mayfield and anything in the early early R&B music and music in general that can stimulate thought.
How would you describe Mira La Luz’s sound?
A: Its like a knife and three guns coming at ya all at the same time.
D: Dont have a definite description, what ever a person can justify it as I suppose.
What are your musical backgrounds?
D: Everything from DJing, MCing, to playing any instrument that I could find stemming back to when I was about ten years old.
A: Screaming on a microphone when my friend Bella played the guitar.
What is it like to be a young artist in the Coachella Valley?
D: It could be better from my stand point I suppose. I don’t demand respect for being a musician but for being a person and I feel we don’t get that alot when play music, but I’m thankful to be able to play so it evens out a bit.
A: Shitty. Nah…it’s like whatever because it seems like the genuineness in people when it comes to an exact response to our music is wack. We can never tell if someone is being honest so it pans out to be lame as fuck.
What challenges do you face as musical duo?
D: We face challenges of just playing our music and hopefully it being heard. I’m not saying we are doing anything extremely unique because being unique doesn’t exist, it’s just doing what you feel, but I feel we face the peoples lack of interest because it’s almost statistics that people won’t watch you if you are not a full band or well liked or have many friends or blah blah blah. It all applies to this small area of scene trends that happen in our area. So yeah, we face challenges all the time in this “local music scene.”
A: Basically what Daniel said…oh, and money..cause we be pooooorrrr.
Have you collaborated with any other bands or solo artists?
D: In terms of making music with other people, no. That is mainly because we don’t share musical taste with hardly any people out in this area. As far as shows, pretty much everyone in the valley and through out Southern California.
Can you talk about your latest EP, “En un Momento”? What was the creative process behind the EP and why the name?
A: Daniel writes all the music to our group so he pretty much did recording for it by himself, but it was pretty simple for him, a few keyboards and whatever else he could find to make it work.
What can we expect from Mira La Luz in the future?
D: We are the process of recording a record called “Te Doy Mis Ojos” from the help of our friend Griefshare from San Diego, CA, who will be engnineering it for us. And hopefully the adding of more members to this project.
Where can we check out/purchase your album? Or contact you to play at a show?
What advice can you give aspiring musicians in the Coachella Valley?
A: Do what you gotta do to get your art out there if it means killing, stealing, do it!…Don’t let others bring you down, if you like it then you like it, just do it and make it happend.
What would you like to see featured in www. thecoachellavalleyartscene. blogspot. com?
D: NEW music, art, photography, just people doing things that are there own and just people being productive.
A: Doesn’t matter, what ever the valley can bring out then display it.

You can catch Mita La Luz on the internet or see them perform live this Saturday along with Ol’ Harbour, Pterodactlys, and A Map of the Chlesea Leaf at the Coachella Valley Art Show. Below is some of the art that will be featured at the Art Show.

Hope to see you there…