Good Morning Monday.
This past weekend was a little hectic, but really big in terms of inspiration. After attending a few parties, and engaging in many
conversations with artists/organizers/supporters, I realized I was going about this blog in a somewhat conflicting way. To tend to this matter, I created an Official Disclaimer (featured below this posting). So, please, take the time to read my Disclaimer to understand why there should be no disses to claim.
Going back to my theme of confliction, I decided that instead of taking this blog any further into the future of the Coachella Valley’s Art Scene that I need to take a week out to rewind and reflect back upon the people who built this art scene years ago. In doing so, this week I will be researching some of the artists who contributed to establishing the different scenes that we have in the Coachella Valley today. Taking it back, old skool, I will be looking to interview the Hip Hop crews, the Electro folks, and Rock bands of the 90’s and Y2K era. I feel as though the artists that did their thing at that time have paved the dirt roads and pathways for our current artists today. The only way we can really secure a good foundation for our future is to respect and learn from events that happened in our past. So, make sure to come back next week to take it way back with me.

Future postings for this week include:
1. FREE:_____. The best things in life are free, right? Check back in to see whats free, fun and for a 30 and younger crowd in the desert for the month of August.

2. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The list gets longer and longer, day by day so make sure to check the Things 2 Do Thursdays out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sometimes I find out parties happening at the last moment and I wouldn’t want you to miss anything. Things 2 Do Thursdays also features all the addresses and artist information for the event opposed to the List of Events on the right side of the blog that are just a briefing of events.

3. Encouraging Words. I would like to thank everyone that leaves comments and feedback for the blog. It seriously helps me make it better. Please feel free to leave comments on the blog. Leave party recap reviews under the party pics, let me know if my links don’t work, what you think about a band… etc.

4. I will be featuring a Q&A with Johnny Y5K. He is shy, so I am not gonna say much more about it, yet….just come back on Wednesday to crack Johnny’s shell that he’s been hiding in all these years.

5. Hot Mommas. The desert’s female artists are not only hot, but are also masters of their crafts. Every week I am looking to feature a girl artist. I wasn’t a Spice Girl fan for nothin‘.

And remember to keep me posted on what you’re up to:

Hasta luego!….