Good Morning Monday.

This week is not only full of things to do (see the Events line-up to the right and the Free:___ feature this week) but also full of interviews and videos of interesting people around the valley. I think it just might be safe to say that this will be one of the better weeks as of yet. Sooooo…stay tuned!

1. Old School Interviews. As promised last Monday, I will be taking a few steps back before I move forward in the blog. I will first dip into electro music, a scene in which has been said to be picking up a lot of momentum lately in the desert. A man that goes by the name of 8 Bit Bandit will share with us when he started producing electro music, the highs and lows with the electro band he was involved with, Organic Junk Fude, and where his musical career has lead him today. Plus, I will give you some listens to his really awesome 8 Bit Remixes that are all sampled from old video games sounds. Pretty narly.

2. Free Stuff. Yes! I found more free stuff around the valley. Come back on Wednesday.

3. Rad Reviews. That man, Steve Preston, is at it again. This time around he will be reviewing the Pterodactyls latest album. Rad times, indeed.

4. Girls, Girls, Girls. Remember that Jay Z track? Or even the Motley Crew one? Anyways, I will putting the spotlight on a lady artist in the Valley this week. If this girl was a Spice Girl, she’s be Crafty Spice, find out who I’m talking about later in the week.

5. Skaters. Kick, push…and watch…some really good skate videos that I want everyone to check out…they have some great footage of cool spots around the Coachella Valley and have an excellent sound selections. Highly recommended, so keep checking in for those.