After successfully surviving Wednesday, it is safe to say that the grass is finally starting to look greener on this side of the week. I am really excited to say that collectively there are 9 shows going down this weekend and they all look like they are going to be pretty outrageous. PLUS, Saturday is a full moon and I always try to make it a point to go out on Full Moons because weird/crazy/random stuff always seems to happen on those nights. And it’s not just the spookiness that entices me about the full moon, but it’s also how beautifully the moon lights up the desert’s night sky, providing a perfect pallet to party on.

1201 Collective brings another show to you at The Palm Desert Civic Center. it’s free, the line up is good, and it makes for the perfect thing to do once you get off work around 5:00pm on Friday.
Everybody loves birthday parties. And everyone loves seeing their friends perform on stage. Put the two together and you get “The Birthday Bash” at La Estancia on Friday. The lineup is pretty amazing and you will most likely run into someone you know there. DJ Puree, DJ Nano, and many other guest artists will be gracing the stage and making you get jiggy with it all night.
If the club thing just isn’t your thing, but the church thing is, then this is the thing to go to. I can make out the band Die Fighting and Fan the Flame, but I can barely read the middle one….(something) From Plagues? Well, I guess this just means you are going to have to go to the show and ask them personally. Doors open at 6:30pm.
The fonts on this flyer looks like scares from a face lift, huh? And the background looks like one of those creepy/awkward nights right before a full moon night, huh? Hm. Or that could just be me tripping out. Whatever, trip out, check it out, rock out, black’s a trash punk show. Go.
Hey, hey, hey what do I see there in the right hand top corner? Does that read…”Ladies Night! Every Night!”? Does that mean free drinks for the ladies? Whether the bar is covering it or the dudes at the show are it looks like it’s going to be fun. And, us ladies probably would think it was awesome if Ugly Betty rolled through…but Stone Betty and Aqueduct will and that is probably better actually, that means the boys will probably be more willing to spot the drinks. Right? Rrriigghhttt… (click the flyer to enlarge fordetail or this link for addresses)
Okay, I warned ya…full moons are nothing to mess with, so be prepared to be not prepared for the night.
To start the night off in utter confusion, there is going to be a rock show called, “The Hotter than the Hinges of Hell Show” at the American Legion building in downtown Palm Springs. That is pretty shocking considering that the American Legion is a hang out spot for elderly folks. But, old people do know how to party properly, hence the “full bar & food” ad on the flyer. The line up is really good, and if you don’t go you’ll probably go to hell, or get burned by hinges from hell..or…I dunno…just go, dude.

If things that are hotter than the hinges of hell do not sound appealing to you, no need to worry, around the corner and a few block down is a very cool show. J. Dee’s Landing will be providing you with sounds from Trucha and China Rosa. Get a cold beer, or two, and chill out. Cool times, indeed.

Awesome band names + flyer with people who have rotting faces + full moon + Coachella + $1 = a killer time. Pun intended. Miss the show and fear for your face…

Full moon has you feeling adventuress? Well, then…head on up to Riverside and catch the homies Griefshare, Mira La Luz and a few other awesome bands. The Pharaohs Den in Riverside is a really cool venue. A definite “go” if you wanna go outta town.

Not a Party, but a Publication that is coming out this weekend:
Keep an eye out for this pocket size publication at a venue and store near uuuuuu

And if you are looking at all these party flyers, not seeing your band, then hit up Mr. Ming Bob. He is a local talent booker around the desert and is looking to find some good talent.

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