Good Morning Monday.

Just downed my second cup of coffee and I think I now have enough caffeine in me to last the entire week. Don’t worry though, it’s a good thing, because this week I have a lot of bases to cover. The first base that I will be touching on will be focusing this week’s interviews on the Electronic music scene in the desert. I will be interviewing an electro band from the past(Organic Junk Fude), an electro music producer of today(8 Bit Bandit), and a girl DJ from the valley who is helping construct the future of the electronic scene(DJ FameMiss). Rounding second base I will be showcasing more skate videos, local desert music videos, and live footage from shows. Third base is always the most exciting, Things 2 Do Thursdays will be posting all the gnarly shows/parties going around around town this weekend. And the final stretch to home plate will be preparing for next week’s hip hop events and interviews. I will be dipping into the past, present and future of the local scene. So keep an eye out!

And as maybe a few of you saw on the Myspace bulletin that I posted this morning, I am currently accepting show reviews, pictures, and/or video that you want to share with the rest of the kids from the valley who weren’t able to make it out. Maybe some pictures, reviews and whatever else you got will entice them to come out next time. If you would like to share, please contact me via email or on the myspace: or
And if you’re reading this, and we aren’t friends yet on myspace, then hurry up and add me! Geeezz….