Disclaimer: This interview has been rated “R” for Mature Adult Content. Please do not continue reading if you are not over the age 18 or get offended easily. Gracias.

Performing LIVE in 2005, “Chrunchy Metallic Bugs” – Organic Junk Fude Ft. Panda, No Panda

Organic Junk Fude sounds good enough to eat. Hmmmm

Before Fresh & Easy came to the Coachella Valley, Whole Foods came. Before Whole Foods came, Clarks was here. Before Clarks landed in Rancho Mirgae, Trader Joes was here in Cathedral City. And before eating healthy was even a huge trend, there was a band already stirring up their own ingredients to create a tasteful treat to satisfy all your consumption needs and greeds. This band was called Organic Junk Fude. There are five ingredients that make up their recipe for success. Some are sweet, some are sour, some are polite, most are perverse, but none have hurt any animals nor were they sprayed with pesticides at any time while in process if their creation. They were born organically and naturally full of energy, beer, creativity, and antioxidants to fill you up with entertainment and cheap thrills at local venues around town for reasonable cover charges at the door. You can’t get that at Trader Joes can you? Well, you can’t get their kinda entertainment and level of performance around town for that matter either. No band has been so entertaining, so amusing, so under rated, so over the top as Organic Junk Fude. As as Panda, No Panda said it best in the video provided above, ” if it wasn’t for them our shows wouldn’t have been half as fun.” And the same applies for the starving young audiences of the Coachella Valley who were prone to eating regular junk food before the wave of eating organic came in to play. So get ready to open your mouths wide and to fill your stomachs, brains and insides with some Organic Junk Fude. Yum!

Describe your sound:
(Jon Afro): Electronic with a hint of hip-hop and punk.
(Pigeon Toad): Our sound takes your mama to the toilet.
(Shadow Man): It sounds like Hitler getting skull fucked by the Incredible Hulk.
(Tendo): I usually never have a definitive answer for this. Although I think an ‘electro hip-pop mish-mash of dance punk pornography’ is pretty close to it.
What was your message?
(Hansel) Music and crazy vocals.
(Mac Turner) If I had some sort of a message, it would be don’t listen to people that make music unless you are ready for some cold hard facts and lyrics!
(Tendo) We’re here to spread as much noise pollution into this planet.
(Pigeon Toad) To kick people’s ears in the nuts!
(Shadow Man) Get drunk and do something stupid!
(Jon Afro) To have fun. Laughter is the best melody.
Describe people’s facial expressions when you would perform.
(Pigeon Toad) Lust and disgust.
(Jon Afro) Shocked and happy at the same time.
(Mac Turner) Facial expressions nothing less than an orgasmic mango smoothie.
(Hansel) Most of the time they’re laughing but sometimes they’re looking at their friends as if they shouldn’t be laughing.
(Tendo) Usually everyone is into it, but occasionally there will be few that are disgusted.
(Shadow Man) Most people had the look of a surprised monkey. Some had a face like they wanted to fart but to not make any noise.
Tell me a little something about what makes each band member different from the next.
(Pigeon Toad) Our momma’s.
(Mac Turner) Every band member brings THEIR own steeze TO THE FULLEST! Very apparent characteristics. Enough said. If you don’t know us you will never know.
(Tendo) I like the musical diversity within the group. We all independently listen to different forms of music, which I think comes together well to make the OJF stew.
(Jon Afro) All of us have a unique vocal sound and we all come from different music backgrounds.
(Shadow Man) Looks alone make us different. All of the members come from a different background and up bringing. The funny thing about that though is with all our differences that were visible from the outside, we were more similar then we first thought. OJF is like my family.
(Hansel) Pigeon Toad is the master of Street Fighter, Jon is the ultimate Starbucks champion, Shadow Man’s got that hay maker baby player status, Tendo knows everything and Mac’s got the mad Duties skill.
How did LA/Riverside/other places you performed react to your music differently to the kids in the desert?
(Pigeon Toad) Everywhere is very fun to play at except Loma Linda. Loma Linda don’t know how to party.
(Shadow Man) Yeah, Loma Linda sucks.
(Hansel) That’s a tough question. I think people everywhere react the same when we shock them. I mean in the desert or LA everybody seems to either love it or detest it.
(Jon Afro) They enjoy it just as much as the kids from the desert, but the kids from the desert have gotten used to us.
(Tendo) With everywhere else, it’s new to them and they don’t really know what they’re going to experience.
(Mac Turner) Crowd reactions always the same. At first most are ‘what the fuck?’ By the end, they’re ‘I want to fuck’.
Tell me about a really interesting night with the band.
(Hansel) I was playing a show at the Village Pub one night. We were playing this new song, ‘She Beast’, when literally this nasty old bar trash lady (ex. She Beast) flashed me her cooter. It was horrible. I started screaming in disgust.
(Tendo) We went to the Orange County Fair with Panda, No Panda. We were all in the petting zoo and Dabey No Pan starts randomly petting the animals from one to the other. Then there was this kid climbing over a metal barrier when Dabey started petting the kid on the head. He said to the child, “Don’t worry. I’m a school teacher.” That and his pickle fellatio in the convention hall is infamous with all of us.
(Pigeon Toad) Once in Sedona (AZ) a lady had us sign her butt. So we wrote ‘Property of OJF‘.
(Jon Afro) One night when we were at TGIF Fridays. Tendo was drunk and was making everyone on the patio laugh by doing stand up. His ‘Bill Cosby vs. Kermit The Frog’ was hilarious.
(Shadow Man) When we were recording, we decided to have a pirate night and polish off a bottle of rum. So, I went to the restroom and when I was done, everyone was passed out. Tendo was holding a cup full of vomit.
(Mac Turner) Touring as Mad Gear, spending the night with Jokes For Feelings. First trying to smoke weed in a swanky hotel, then trying to sleep on a room that is hot, then cold, then hot, while trying to maintain the hetero level in the room.
I’ve known Josh and Josh for years and they have not changed, which is genuine and fuckin‘ awesome, but man I could barely take my shirt off without a remark about how my ass will be penetrated@@ !JOKESFORFEELINGS are dope!!
What were some other bands that members of OJF were involved with prior to OJF?
(Shadow Man) You’re asking the wrong person. Most of OJF went through bands like Joan Rivers went through plastic surgeons.
(Jon Afro) I was in JAB which stands for Jon Afro Band.
(Tendo) I was in other bands before and was fresh out of The Disclosed before I joined. That and the only other desert band people remember me from were The Mongoloids.
(Pigeon Toad) Baby Coffin, Girth Control and E.S.C., biatch!!
(Mac Turner) Myself; Kamikaze Hitmen, Low Blow. I remember E.S.C. Straight up OG underground fuck your mom’s anus up shit!!!
(Hansel) E.S.C., Baby Coffin, Jon Afro Band, Analog Audio Arkitekz, The Disclosed and Kamikaze Hitmen.
Will OJF ever have a reunion show?
(Pigeon Toad) Sure, we’ll play a family reunion.
(Jon Afro) Hopefully.
(Shadow Man) I know we will. Those times were to fun to pass up the chance to play again.
(Mac Turner) Reunion show? When the fuck did we break up?
(Tendo) We never broke up. I guess it may seem that way since the last show we played was on May 30th (2008) in LA. We’re just sort of having a break. Some of us are having children, getting married or taking care of business (that’s TCB).
We were just asked to open for MC Chris in the fall. So, we’ll come back around soon.
(Hansel) It’s like a school that you are always enrolled in. Right now it’s kinda summer, but don’t worry we have new stuff coming up.
OJF went over a lot of people’s heads at the time, what do you have to say to those people now?
(Hansel) I hope it still goes over your head cause sound bounces!
(Shadow Man) I had a threesome with your girlfriend and your sister! How’s that for goin‘ over your heads?
(Pigeon Toad) What’s up now? FACE!!!1
(Mac Turner) I am the most recent. I have to say my pen is available.
(Tendo) We’re doing something different. We can be campy and over-the-top, but we’re original and we keep it real. Originality is usually always overlooked until everyone finally wakes up and realizes how truly awesome it is.
(Jon Afro) Don’t take life too seriously.
Who is One Ball Paul?
(Pigeon Toad) Who doesn’t know OBP!?
(Shadow Man) He’s the guy that fucked your mom in front of your dad.
(Hansel) He only has one nut not 2.
(Jon Afro) He’s rumored to have one testicle. I used to bump into him everywhere I go.
(Tendo) I personally don’t know him, but I have met him once. I’m surprised anyone remembers that song. It’s been out of our set for years.
(Mac Turner) One Ball is somewhat of a legend unless you know him. I know him as a man named Paul that drank bong water and various other nameless stunts. Paint your own picture. He’s dope

Meet the Band:

Organic Junk Fude group photo with Rivel
Shadow Man of OJF

Piegeon Toad of OJF

Hansel of OJF

Jon Afro of OJF

Tendo of OJF

A party flyer for an OJF gig (created by Tendo of OJF)

some super rockin OJF fans at a show

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