Good Morning Monday.
I want to wake up and it be Wednesday already. Bbeecauuasseee…Wednesday is the day that I will be flying off to Denver, CO at 6am from LAX to meet up with the Date Farmers at the Democratic National Convention. As you may have read in previous posts, I will be the Date Famer’s journalist, documenting their experience at the Convention for the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog (aka CVASb). I am really looking forward to attending the event, the parties, meeting Obama, and then sharing my experience with everyone via the CVASb. So please, check back next week to read how the Date Farmers and I repped the 760 out in CO.

“The essence of hip hop truly is the transformation of existing objects and forms.” – KRS-One
This week’s focus will be on the Coachella Valley’s hip hop scene. I will be focusing my attention on what formed out here in the desert in the early 90’s, how it has transformed to what it is today in 2008, and predict what we can expect to see from the scene in future years to come.
If you don’t know, then you should know, that hip hop is not just a genre of music but it is a lifestyle, an attitude, a culture. And as with any maturing culture, hip hop has spawned it’s own theory. This theory is based around the four elements of hip hop: 1. Deejaying, 2. Emceeing, 3. Breaking, 4. Graffiti art. This week will be broken down into the four elements as well:

1. On Tuesday, DJ Odysey will start the week off by taking us back to the 1990’s. Odysey will be sharing with us what the scene was like back in the day with tales from his bboy crew, Atomic Styles, before there were venues, stages, and flashing lights.

2. Later that Tuesday evening, I will feature an interview with the event production crew, Aesthetic Arrest. Aesthetic Arrest took the magic that was created from Atomic Styles and other bboy crews out in the desert and brought it to life with their dedication and organizational skills. Aesthetic Arrest are the men that brought the entire Coachella Valley’s hip hop scene together by establishing venues, booking big underground talents, and inspiring many local rap crews and emcees from around the valley to come forth. Responsible for putting on more than 40 parties in the desert, some bringing in more than 500 in attendance, Aesthetic Arrest will represent DJ/party element of hip hop and what the present state of the desert’s hip hop scene today is.

3. Wednesdays will still feature FREE: Films, Music, Videos, Events to do around the valley. Whether you are into film, art or community events, I will be posting all that the desert has to offer for people under 30 yrs old. Along with free films, and events our “Girl of the Week” feature will focus on Meda, a female street artist that holds it down around town. In addition to Meda’s feature there will also be postings of Coachella Valley’s favorite street art pieces. As many people that do graffiti art go into fashion, I will also be featuring Affiliated Clothing, a graffiti inspired clothing line that is based out in the Coachella Valley. All three subjects; Meda, street art pictures, and Affliated Clothing will represent hip hop’s fourth element, graffiti art.

4. Things 2 Do Thursdays will continue to feature all the parties for the upcoming weekend. There are all sorts of parties going on, so I do recommend coming back to see what’s up. On Thursday evening, there is going to be a hip hop show called Locally Connected 2 and it will feature many of the hip hop crews from around the desert that are definitely making moves. In spirit of the hip hop show, I will have a guest author write an EP review on Macroscopic’s latest EP that was just released. Macroscopic will represent the Emcee element of hip hop and the desert’s future scene as well.

So…..stay tuned!

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