The Westfield shopping mall just isn’t going to cut it for some people. If you want to express your own individuality, then you gotta really dig for good clothing stores around town or seek out some independent designers. Going along with my theme this week – hip hop week – I introduce to you some independent fashion designers from around the valley who can help spruce up that wardrobe for ya.
Routed in graffiti art, then branching out to fashion design, Affiliated Clothing is an aspect to hip hop that goes hand in hand with the culture: fashion. What you wear on the outside represents a lot about who you are on the inside. And let’s say…if you’re sporting a shirt or a piece of clothing from a designer in the desert…then you are a true supporter of the Coachella Valley arts community – inside and out. Coming from the outside into my blog is Affiliated Clothing….

Describe the look and vibe of Afiliated Clothing.
Afiliated clothing has that street culture vibe. A lot of graffiti incorporated into the shirts as well as making statements through the shirts, for example our “fuck the cops” t-shirt..
Who is behind the name Affiliated Clothing?
The company was started by myself (
emirc one) early last year
What was your inspiration for starting a t-shirt line?
Well after being arrested and thrown in jail for vandalism charges I decided it was time to use my love for graffiti in a different way. That’s when
Afiliated clothing was born.
Who is your inspiration in terms of street wear and other clothing labels?
To tell you the truth, I really never had any inspiration from any other clothing labels.
Have you collaborated with anyone? If so, who?
No, not yet at least….
How have the youth and desert community responded to your clothing line?
The response is good so far, I see a lot of people rockinAfiliated tees at the mall.
I just wanna say thanks to everyone that has bought a t-shirt. I really appreciate the love.
And to all the kids that put up the
Afiliated stickers, good lookin‘ out.
What materials do you use?
As far as t-shirts, we print on AAA 100% cotton. We don’t use no cheap ass shirts.
What can we expect to see from Affiliated Clothing in the future?
Were looking at hosting a lot of hip hop shows and art shows out in LA and Long Beach,
so keep a look out for that. I’m trying to book a spot for a art show out here in the valley but I haven’t found a good spot. So if your reading this and you have a location where we can do this hit me up. New
t’s will be out late September….so keep an eye out for those.
Where can we purchase the shirts?
As of right now you can purchase any of the t’s at 33third in the city of WestLA. Our website will be up early September.
Any shout outs?
Thans again to everyone who supported and supports Afiliated Clothing.

Afilaited Clothing design team

An Afiliated Clothing Girl Tee

An Afiliated Clothing Men’s Tee

The Affiliated Clothing Company.

check them out on the Internet at: