Ever have pie to your face?
Well, if there was ever a time to get one, this weekend would be it.
This weekend’s party lineup is ridiculous. A party for every kind of animal. From hip hop, to hardcore, community concerts to back yard boogies, this weekend has it all in the 760.
***Rumor on the Internet is that there is going to be some pie smashing in some peoples’ faces….whoever gets the winning picture gets a free Coachella Valley Art Scene T-Shirt! Just email the picture to thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com and I will ship out the shirt asap.***
(click on the picture to hear the theme song for this weekends’ parties)

It’s DJ Oysey’s weekly! You read about him in the interview below, so now is the time to check him out. Feel free to wear your breakdance battle outfits and get ready to get down. (Click on the flyer to enlarge for address, time, and age info)

This flyer may be a bit blury…but the party won’t be. It’s gonna be fresh. It’s a birthday party…so you know what that means…..chances are that the pie smashings might go down here…but I won’t give the secret away…(click on the image to enlarge and to get addresses, times and age information)

What’s up to my electro people! Metroid is on tour. High tail it up to the High Desert tonight to catch him. Don’t blame me if you pie faced here either….just sayin‘….(click on the flyer to enlarge for more info)

Whoa, whoa, whoa…what do we have here…looks like a pretty cool hip hop show to me. You’ve read about heavy hitters of hip hop in the blog, and here’s your chance to see them live and in full effect. A face pie smashing might cause a ruckus in here, but it would make for a great photo…(click on the flyer to enlarge and see all address info, age info, and entry info)

Time for Change, here’s a change, here are some new faces to the desert party flyer scene. Party is at the Indio Boys and GIrl Club, so don’t drink your drugs, your drama or your momma. (click on the flyer to enlarge for more information regarding time and place)

Get outta town! If you look closely at the flyer all these bands are from out of town. Rock on dude! Okay, in all seriousness….Ming Bob is man with the master plan. And if your excuse for going out is that it’s the same bands over and over again then you better find a new one this weekend. (click on the flyer for more party info)

Nothing beats a good ‘ol drink at the Red Barn on a Friday night. But what is the icing on the cake, or the lemon in the beer, is when a band plays at the Red Barn. The bartenders are always amuzing, drinks are always cheap, and a pie might just get smashed in your face. Who knows. Just go. (click on the flyer to enlarge for more info)

What’s up Digital Quadrant Productions! My girl Elizabeth sent me this email…I thought the words would be better from her mouth because she is the one putting the show on. Check it out…“We just wanted to contribute to the community by sending you info about our latest event, which will take place at The Center in Palm Desert this coming Saturday, September 6th from 5-10 pm. We are having 2 bands and a spanking brand new DJ as well as 15 artists showcasing their artwork – this includes two members of the Digital Quadrant….We, of course, want to bring more to the community and have decided that 50% of the proceeds from the entry will be given to The Center for whatever they need.” Sounds good to me! (click on the flyer to get more party info)

Make sure to go back into “Past Postings” here on the blog and find Provoked’s interview that I had with him a couple weeks back. Provoked has the mindset for the future. Don’t know what I mean by that..well, then check the interview then tune into to his broadcast this Saturday. (click the flyer for more info)

I love this event! It sound like it’s going to be tons of fun. There are going to be sooo many local bands there. I’m just really hype. Here is some information on the event from my friends at the Indio Performing Arts Center, “A rock & blues jam will be held at the ‘Rick’s Garage’ stage at with Stan ‘the Man’ Foreman for those musicians that couldn’t get into this year’s ROCK THE IPAC!. Next year the IPAC hopes to have a two-day festival. All proceeds go the the Indio Performing Arts Center and it’s Children’s Education programs. All musicians and bands are donating their time, and volunteers are still needed in all areas of the festival. Only Coachella Valley centered bands will be performing. This will be a day long music/love fest, that will be the largest collection of local musicians in Coachella Valley’s history. A ‘one-stop-shop’ for restaurant and bar owners, recording labels, talent agencies, and musicians looking for bands. This is a party for the locals!!”