Good Morning Monday.

Hey, hey hey, Coachella Valley! How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone have any pictures from the shows or events you went to from Thursday-Saturday?? Because, sadly but truly, my camera died on Thursday. =(

To make up for the whole depressing broken camera ordeal, this week is going to be a lot of fun on the blog. While I am waiting for a few more interviews to come in from some rock bands around the valley (in preparation for Rock Week, next week), I thought I would dedicate this week to my once beloved camera. In memory of my camera, the theme of this week is going to be…Video Week. As I said in a past posting some time ago, film is one of my favorite art forms, and I think it will be a great way to explore the desert’s art scene….from your perspective.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect for the week ahead:

1. Video Killed the Radio Star. I will be posting video footage from all sorts of different people from all over the valley…if you would like to submit your video, please do…

2. Video of the Week. The spotlight video of this week will be Steven Preston’s Reel. From Rad Reviews to Rad Reels, Steven Preston cranks his audio project up a notch by creating a new visual insight to the desert’s rock scene. Make sure to check back in on Wednesday to not only watch the reel but to also read his interview.

3. Girl of the Week. In theme of Video Week on the blog…this week’s Girl of the Week is the desert’s video vixen…but not like that. More like, if she were a Spice Girl, she’s be Spotlight Spice.

4. Other videos that will be featured will be Arslane’s Not My Cup of Tea short film. Music videos from hip hop, rock and electro groups from around the desert. Art image montages from artists around the valley. And many more….keep an eye out….

5. FREE: Films, Music, Events. That’s right, this Wednesday, just like every other Wednesday on the blog you can check in to see whats going down in the desert for free. Hopefully this week I will get some free music from local artists up. Maybe some DJ mixes…maybe some band tracks…just make sure to come back for that, I am sure your iPod needs some CV love. And as always, make sure to see what free events and films are being screened around town.

6. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Thursdays are always the big day on the blog! All the party flyers will be posted, giving you the 411 on what’s in store for the desert’s party nightlife for the weekend ahead.

7. Theme Song of the Week:

*And as always, if you know about a party that I don’t have posted, or if you have a free downlaodable mix that you would like to share with everyone, or if you have a cool video on youtube or vimeo that you would like to share then please send your links and everything else to!! Thanks!