Good Morning Monday.

Oh me….oh my…
This weekend was an intense one for me! Intensely fun and interesting, all at the same time. I guess I could say the reason for it was due to the full moon that was absolutely stunning on Sunday night. I’ve warned you before and I’ll warn you again, full moons always make for an interesting time…

Moving forward like the phases of the moon, this week on the blog is going to be putting a little spin on Rock Week. Rock Week will actually be broken down into a couple weeks, the first beginning with Girls Who Rock. All interviews this week will be focused on the bodacious babes who hold it down around town. Stay tuned in for that.

Some things to look forward to in this upcoming week…

1. Sticker Design Contest. Yes, yes, yes…I decided that who else but to design the Coachella Valley Art Scene stickers other than you, the artists? There will be 3 finalists. Rules are as follows: 1. Sticker design must be “screen-printable friendly”. If you do not know what this means, please email me and I will fully explain it to you. 2. 1-3 color limit please. 3. Must have the text, ””. The rest is up to you to create. This sticker will be handed out by the hundreds to kids all over the valley and is a great way to get your creative designs out there. You have three weeks to send me your design. Send me the .pdf, picture, whatever to And remember – please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

2. Girls Who Rock. Sound a little bit like VH1?? Yeah…I know…but ya get the point, right? Regardless, this is a week that you will not want to miss! I am really excited about it and I think you will be too.

3. FREE: Films, Events, Music. Every Wednesday you can guarentee that I will provide you with the latest and great as to what is going on around town in terms of things that are coool and freeeee….sounds gooooood.

4. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Every Thursday gives you the weekend party forcast. This weekend might just cause some thunder storms.

5. The Official Democratic National Convention Review. Yes! Told you I would do it. If you didn’t know, the CVAS traveled to the Democratic National Convention with DJ Alf Alpha and the Date Farmers as their journalist a couple weeks ago. we had an amazing time and now it is time to share with the rest of the art scene. Check back in later this week for that!

6. The PARTY! Soooo….regarding that party that I promised you guys….well, it’s going down in Mid October. Although the bad news is that it is like a month away, the good news is that the weather will be better. It will be the official website launch party! So, I’d like to feature some different genres of music, artists, and video. If you have something that you would like to bring to the table, please give me a hoot and holler at

Thanks for reading and make sure to stay tuned for the week ahead…