Artsy is as artsy does.

To start the week off with my first Girls Who Rock segment, I introduce to you Miss Daikon Eklectik. Daikon is a major contributor to the Coachella Valley Art Scene, as she is the lead singer for the band the Black Art, her paintings in art shows, and gets really crafty with found objects that linger in the CV. Her personal style is colorful and very bold, a definite standout against the desert’s muted colors. It only takes one glance at Miss Daikon to know that you are not in Kansas anymore. And in one conversation with her you travel to Daikon’s planet, the planet I like to call, Planet Artsy Fartsy.

So come follow me on my travels to Planet Artsy Fartsy…

Artist Name: Daikon Eklectik

Sign: Taurus-Gemini Cusp

Born? Raised?: I was born in Lancaster, California. I lived about 14yrs of my life in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada, and spent high school back in Lancaster. I lived in Utah for half a school year. I’ve been to 8 Elementary schools, 4 Middle schools and 2 High schools. Some of those schools I went to a couple different times in different years.

How has living in the desert shaped you as an artist? I moved out to the Coachella Valley in 2000 right after graduating high school. I’ve lived in three different desert areas. I think it’s challenged me to think differently as an artist and to work harder to find inspiration and resources to make my visions a reality.

So..from what I understand, you’re not a hipster, you’re a craftster…what’s up with that? Is it so wrong being different? hahaha! I can’t take credit for that term, it came from a really awesome site I post to/get inspiration from. I think the term actually means crafty-hipster. I think I’m too eclectic to really fit into any subculture (hence the “eklectik” name) but if I had to chose one… being a craftster would be it!

You’re also a self-proclaimed zombie activist, what does that mean?: ah ha ha! I am a big lover of zombies. It all started with Resident Evil back in high school and just snowballed from that. Actually to be even uber geekier, I had a guild on an online game that I called P.E.T.Z… People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies… mostly because I wanted to keep a zombie as a pet on that game and I was denied. But zombies are fun. Awesome and fun. Oh and in most rpg video games, the best way to kill a zombie is with fire or a heal spell. I guess you heal them to life which means death. The more you know!

Your title is the “Creative Reinforcer”. Reinforce your creativity on me girl: *waves a magic wand* Did it work? Haha! I have some people that usually come to me when they have a crafty question that needs answered, or creative input. That’s almost my title at work… the creative girl. It’s kinda like… “Can she do it? YES SHE CAN!” without really consulting me first. I have a knack for figuring out ways to make something that requires creativity work to my advantage. It’s an awesome power. With great power comes great responsibility or something. I do a lot of different things… poetry, painting, collage, photography, sewing and general crafts and I challenge myself to do more every day.

I know becoming rock star is a long term goal, how is it coming along? Actually, it’s coming along just great! I am currently the singer for The Black Art which was formed when one of my best buddies, Johnny Yugoslavia (aka Rick Subia) asked me to try to write lyrics for some songs he wrote. It took a while to combine my love for singing with my love for writing poetry but I think it’s been pretty successful. I actually have several songs I need to crank out lyrics for right now. We’ve started playing shows and hopefully we’ll be playing more with our full band. Please check us out:

I heard from the grapevine that you were born from a C-section. How did that experience shape you as an artist? Well my mother was an artist and both my grandmothers were crafters. Somehow escaping the womb through through alternative means allowed me to harness their powers. With their powers combined I am… Captain Crafty!

Okay, okay…so on a more serious note, your personal fashion sense is bold, colorful and fun. What is your inspiration behind the look? My sense of fashion and style has evolved through out the years. I had my preppy period, goth period, sk8tr guurl period, etc etc. I’m still inspired by Japanese and Euro fashions, but mostly I just wear whatever I think works at the time. I still have my faux pas now and then, but it happens to everyone. I get asked a lot where I buy my clothes, but the majority of them I get from really normal sources. My favorite stores are Target and Forever 21 and I used to like Ross a lot but it’s harder for me to find things there. I used to hunt the thrift stores and vintage stores a lot but I tend to spend more time looking at their old books and tacky 70s paintings. I also alter things and make them my own.

Who are some of your biggest art influences? This is funny because no one really knows who I’m about to name… but here goes it! The first person who really got me to get off my ass and create was Viggo Mortensen (yes the actor, not the haunted painting in Ghostbusters). He’s a poet, artist, photographer, musician besides being an actor. His photography is what first caught my eye and made me want to know more (and also pick the camera back up). His poetry is also a big influence on my own as well as his multi-medium artwork. The second person who is a big influence on me is Adam “Doseone” Drucker who is most noted for his band Subtle. He’s also one of those multi-talented folk who get me going. His poetry and artwork is amazing and inspire me to keep at it, and that not everyone will understand. Another musician that’s inspired me in the pen-to-paper way is Yoni Wolf of the band Why?. His lyrics have inspired many of my lyrics. 🙂

Where can I find your art(s)?: I’ve been in two art shows at Mod.I.Fy in Cathedral City, and I’ll be in another one there at the end of this month, September 27th. I’m really excited to have been invited to join, and look forward to creating some great art. Hopefully I’ll be in more shows, I’ll keep you posted.

Who have you collaborated with?: Johnny 5000 and I geeked out and made a book together to give to one of our favorite bands, Why? It was really fun and I think I did some of my best work. I’d love to work with other people.

Where are you on the Internet?: and soon I shall be setting up shop at

What are your current projects?: The Black Art, and as soon as I get my art/craft area set up in my new place I have a bunch of ideas for awesome thing that’ll break your grannie’s hip!

Daikon looks really excited in front of her paintings at the Center

photo by Johnny 5000

Daikon to the left with band members of the Black Art

photo by Johnny 5000

Collage work by Daikon

Collage work by Daikon

Play nice Daikon….

Look! A youtube of Daikon Eclectik in her studio…

daikon and her arts

CHeck out Daikon in her hometown…

Check out her band, The Black Art, at