With the Girls Who Rock Week slowly coming to an end I thought I’d pick up the pace just a bit. As I have previously featured girls from around the Coachella Valley who rock out in bands, I now feature a chick who rocks with her hands. Haha. Okay, just kidding. But, the reason for the good mood is because as I write this intro I am listening to the mix that DJ Vichyy composed for the blog (featured below) and I am loving it. I love how she takes us on a musical journey from the golden years of hip hop to some of the best electro and indie rock of today, glimpses into new-wave with a nice big helping of punk, then takes a quick detour into the sunshine pop era of the 60’s, whips back around with travels into world music and ends with one of my favorite bands, The Velvet Underground. So, with that being said, check ou chick that doesn’t play the guitar, nor the banjo, nor does she sing….she plays the turntables and her name is DJ Vichyy.

DJ Name: Vichyy (pronounced veeee-sheeeee)
Astrological Sign? Leo (pronounced Leeee-Yo!)
Yo, how many years in the DJ game? A little over 2 years. I’ve always been an avid music fan/lover/admirer/NERD. That’s been my primary motivation for collecting and playing records. It’s the perfect outlet and the perfect way for me pay homage to my favorite bands and musicians. My first official gig was at the Elk’s Lodge in Palm Springs in early 2006 but I was officially hooked when I started playing records later that year at the ol’ open mic nights at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Palm Desert.
What kind of music do you spin? Everything I love: 60’s psychedelic garage, stuff from the New York “No Wave” era, 60’s through 80’s punk rock, modern indie rock, electro, etc. Lately I’ve been picking up some old skool ghetto rap from the 90’s. A lot of it’s about discovery too! I love to find out about new groups or old groups and get them on vinyl so I can spin the crap out of ’em.
Who do you admire in the DJ world? Money.Sex.Power (fka Mashed Potatos), Peanut Butter Wolf, Girl Talk, Busy P, to name a pheeeew!
Name your top 5 albums:
This list is constantly being revised! But here it goes: Sonic Youth “Daydream Nation”, Glass Candy “B/E/A/T/B/O/X”, Deerhunter “Cryptograms”, Spank Rock “Yoyoyoyoyo”, Suicide (First Album), The Misfits “Legacy of Brutality”, The Movies “American Oil”, Serge Gainsbourg “Les Annees Psychedeliques: 1966-1971”, The Velvet Underground & Nico (Andy Warhol), James Pants “Welcome”. Sorry. I had to cheat. There’s ten. (And not necessarily in that order.)
What kinda of turntables and mixer do spin with?
Both tables and mixer are *Ion. I bought them used on eBay for $150 bucks. I hope to upgrade soon though!!! It’s about time!!!
Hey DJ Vichyy, I feel like dancing. When is your next show? Hopefully on Halloween! 😛 More info is on the way.
Where can we find you on the internet?

DJ Vichyy showing some vinyl love, photo by nicole
Records, red tights, red lipstick…., photo by nicole
Check out DJ Vichyy in the mixxx…

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