Yes, yes, yes….it’s Thursday and the way the week was crawling, I thought it would never come. But, I am glad it has came because this weekend has all sorts of goodies for everyone. Horoscope reads that it won’t be as intense as last weekend, due to the full moon, so it should be for the most part smooth sailing. That is, of course, unless you go to the punk show tomorrow….then, there shouldn’t be too many smooth things there. But actually, there’s no fun when things run smoothly, right? As wise man once said…”don’t mean to sound sleazy, but tease me, I don’t want it if it’s that easy” – 2pac.
From punk rock, to rock, to electro, to latin, to hip hop…this weekend has got a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for everyone who wants it.


Hhmm….whiskey and knives….sounds dangerous, sounds fun, sounds like its a good time…sounds like I’m there.

Let’s say that the thought of a crowded bar with whiskey and knives doesn’t entice you, then maybe a bar across the street and down the road a bit with the headliners such as Holding Onto Hope and Until All Ends will? I am digging this flyer, the band looks interesting. Okay, checking out this one too.

Hey, look who it is…it’s DJ Famemiss on the lineup! That is good to see, especially after I just wraped up Girls Who Rock week on the blog. Actually, not just DJ Famemiss, but the entire lineup is cool. Be there or be square…or bored.

Ooooo la la. Luis Miguel. Need I say more?

Have fun and benifit those in need. Sounds like a good idea to mmeee….

Check out my home boy Provoked on U92.7 this Saturday at 9:00pm. And please fumble through the past bulletins here on the blog to find Provoked’s interview. He always has a lot of cool and positive things to say.

**Usually I don’t post on weekends, but this week the review from the Democratic National Convention will be posted. I think you will like it.