Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…nahhhh…it’s Friday and I’m in love.

Actually, I’m in love with Friday and Saturday for all the right reasons. They have something fun going on those nights.

This past Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (and today’s) Thursday has been pretty hectic from this side of the computer screen. So, that means that I have a lot to look forward to this weekend. Can somebody say? Where’s the party at???
It’s right here:
Everybody knows these shows don’t disapont. So, don’t disapoint your friends by not showing up.

HHHmmm…..a little electro to throw into the mix this weekend. And on top of having a different genre on the line up, we have some great DJs from out of town as well. Oasis NIghtclub is pretty amazing inside. if you don’t go for the music, then go for the decor.

YO!!! If you love art and music then you gotta come to this! Here is a little information about the event that I was forwarded: “The Bridge”, presented by Sights and Sounds is a showcase for emerging artists and musicians. The twenty plus visual artists styles range from urban contemporary to low brow pop surrealism. Along with presenting new work for purchase many artists will be painting live and others will be selling limited prints, shirts, and cds. All artwork will be displayed and for purchase from Sept. 27th-Oct. 13th.The Sounds will be provided by DJ E-Double, punk band The Structure, Long Beach’s The Committee, and local hip hop crew FlowEthics. Hosted by Modify, the show aims to support forward movement towards the growth and appreciation of independent art and music. Art and Music for the People, by the People.

Speaking of good decor – we all know how The Parker does it. Just in case you had suspicion about this new event, I interviewed DJ JF//Discord here in the blog regarding this event. So, see below to see what’s up.

And if nice decor just doesn’t do it for ya….then head on over to good ol’ J Dee’s for some good ol’ reggae. You can’t go wrong with reggae. You just can’t. Period.

On Saturday at Ignition Cafe in CC there is going to be an Obama Mini Concert. Many bands are going to play, one in particular is Symara Stone, who will be featured next week on the blog. Come by and SUPPORT. Show starts at 7pm.