Yeah… so… yesterday was Yom Kippur and I was out of service. I was in a place that was above the clouds… a place where the Internet does not exist. But, I have returned safely to planet Earth, to the Internet, and am here to deliver the weekly dosage of Things 2 Do Thursday on a Friday.
What this weekend lacks in terms of the party shenanigans, it makes up for in artistic endeavors. Throughout the duration of this weekend there are really cool art studio tours going on in the high desert and compelling theatrical performances in the lower desert.

Check out what I have posted below to see what looks tempting to you. And don’t forget that the FREE: Films, Events, Music posting also features more events that are going on around town that are …. free.

FRIDAY, October 10:
Before you jam out to go catch up with your friends, stop by the Center to catach flick. Flick of the day… Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Check out the youtube to get a good idea of what to look forward to.

A couple weeks ago theCVASblog interviewed Lincoln Jesser of Technicolor Wolves. A new band on the desert scene, go check them out to see what the future of the music scene has in store for you.

Sometimes it’s fun just to skip the whole bar/lounge/night life parade and have an intellectually stimulating night at the theatre. Good news – the College of the Desert will be putting on a splendid show. It’s going on all weekend long, make sure to come out to at least one.

Okay, I have been attending these Open Studio Art Tours for yyeeaarrrsss now and I absolutely love it! It is so interesting if you are an artist to be able to have the opportunity to meander into other artist’s studios with open arms (and cheeses and wine, more often then not). I highly recommend this experience. And yes, it is quite the experience. Roll deep with your most adventurous buddies.

SATURDAY, October 11:
If you didn’t go to Ignition last night, but want to go tonight, then The Hellions will most definitely put on a show worth your while. No room for boredom here. And, ya know, even if you went last night… you can always show up again.

I know… I know… a repost. but, it’s just to emphasize that this event is going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Again, I know… I know… another repost. But it’s going on both days. You just can’t loose.