Good Morning Monday and Happy Columbus Day.

In honor of Christopher, this week on the blog is all about exploration and discovery. Whether you choose to navigate through the blog, or the latest feature “the Art Directory”, or out to parties in the middle of the desert this weekend the blog will be with you 100% of the way and will provide a palette to explore through.

Check out what to expect for all your exception explorational extravaganzas here on the blog:

1. Sunlight from the Desert Sun. Our local newspaper, The Desert Sun, shines some light on one of the CVASb’s most beloved artists, Provoked. Before you rush out and grab the copy of the Desert Sun, first check out Provoked’s interview with the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog to see what he is all about:

2. Modern Exploration = The Art Directory. Go ahead, fumble through it. It provides you with the addresses, websites and names of all the Art (related) businesses in the Coachella Valley. This is just the first, soft launch of The Art Directory. It is still in development. As time goes on, it will feature even more information such as skate park locations, beauty shops, music recording studios, and much more. Stay tuned, and keep checking back in for more. And, please, if you see something that I missed, please send me the information on the business at

3. FREE: Films, Events, Music. This week in Columbus week. Get out there and explore your neighborhood and travel to places and events that you have never ventured out to before! All the events posted here on the blog are free and open for anyone to roll up to. So, get all of your most adventurous friends together and roll deep. And… ya just never know what might happen. You might discover a whole new land or love for a new art form.

4. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Check it out. And read in between the lines because this weekend the blog will be teaming up with Steven Preston and will be on a mission to interview bands/crews/solo artists from around the Coachella Valley this Saturday!! So, if you are an artist, please hit us up and we would love to meet up with you. We will be filming at the Diverse City party on Saturday. Please feel free to contact me for more information: And check out that link provided to Steven Preston’s video reel, it’s narly.

5. Writers? I know we are a special breed, that’s why we gotta stick together. If you would like to write for the blog, please email me. So, let’s say for instance you would like to write album reviews, interviews, party recaps, or anything that you feel is relevant please contact me and we can chitty chat some more. If you’re in school, and would like to get school credit, we also set it up as an internship…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. This week will be fun.