This week’s theme on the blog was exploration in celebration of good ol’ Columbus Day. And just by coincidence there happen to be like a million parties going on all around the desert this weekend, each in an opposite direction than the next… resulting in weekend activities that require you to explore and navigate all around Coachella Valley. Get ready to bust out your favorite pair of jeans, call up whatever friend has a truck, and bring your CD that has the single “Around the World” by Daft Punk because you’re in for a long drive. Oh, and toss that navigation system, it will be useless.

One last point to make before I let you explore this posting by your lonesome is that theCVASblog will be at a party this weekend looking to host interviews. I will be conducting interviews via video. I am teaming up with the famous cameraman, Steven Preston! Check out Steven Preston’s vimeo reel at Scroll down to see which party we will be at.

FRIDAY, October 17th:
Have you been to Pappy and Harriets? If you have, then you should know that Pappy and Harriets never fails. Always guaranteed a good time. Plus, scenic travels through the high desert mountains never hurts. Yyyeeeee Haaaaaa!

Digital Quadrant, the production crew throwing this event, is one to keep an eye out for. They are making steady waves in the desert. Make sure to jump on the bandwagon before it gets too crowded. Looking forward to the “Funk” fo sho.

Okay, what’s that I read?….”Win a fresh pair of dunks?” Should I even read any further? Looks like this could be a possible Cool Kids/hipster scene in the desert. Watch out now!

If tomorrow happens to never come I will be very sad. Considering there are really good shows tomorrow. But look on the bright side, the last show you will see of your life will be this one.

SATURDAY, October 18th:
Last weekend I couldn’t stress enough how cooooooool this Open Studio Art Tours thing is and well… here I go again… GO! It’s COOL. Trust me.

Ignite at Ignition. If the party last nite wasn’t enough to start up a scene at Ignition, then Ignite will be. Couple of the deserts most infamous MCs will be performing. Love to hate them or hate to love them, if it goes either way you’ll probably be there.

OKay, so after going on your Open Art Studio tours thingy, you gotta head on over to this. Personally, I love the high desert. On an artistic tip, it never fails. Get all artsy fartsy for a day.

And if you are in the high desert, but music festivals just aren’t your thing, but sexy western Burlesque dancers are then go to Pappy and Harriets. Again, Pappy and Harriets = fun fun fun. Guaranteed.

Okay, so here you have it. The show that theCVASblog and Steven Preston will be at conducting interviews and partying hard. I am gonna let the interview with the party organizer do the talking…

MINI INTERVIEW: Diverse City Party Organizer
Name: Joaquin “BlackJack” Araujo Rosales
What provoked you to organize this event? This event was first thought up as a dream concert of mine . When I heard my son was not going to be able to play in a drum line this year due to lack of funds, I decided to put this event together to raise money for their organization.
Why the name Diverse City?
The name Diverse-City is exactly what it means . All music from all genres put together for local bands and Artist who want to show what they have. So many people have events but it all seems to be the same . This event will include Rock,Rock en Espanol,Reggae,Rap,Psycho billy,Electronica,experimental,and the list seems to just get bigger and bigger as I approach the day of the event. All Members of every band that will be performing are true supporters of what I’m trying to accomplish and I don’t think I could ever repay them. To have all these groups come through and play at Diverse -City 2008 has to be one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. Thank you to all who are involved with this Event.
What type of vibe are you looking to create at your show?
I am looking forward to a laid back cool day with great music, food and drinks . We will have vendors, art gallery and many other novelty booths.This event will also be filmed by Steven Preston. The vibe should be relaxed and exciting at the same time.
Where is it located? And how much to get in? And any last words?
The Desert art scene is a great way to let people know whats going on . You guys rock . I was very excited to hear you wanted to interview me . Thank You. I can’t wait to hear and watch these band perform. I think people who attend the event will be satisfied with prices and the food /drinks. The Diverse City 2008 location was moved this week,yes 4 days before the event to RANCHO Mar y Sol86-250 Avenue 66th Thermal ca 92274. Next to the Mega school on avenue 66. $5.00 at the gate.

the CVASblog will see you there…