Good Morning Monday.

I am happy to be here on this Monday morning, considering that, I almost thought I wasn’t going to make it. Reason being is that Saturday night was almost the death of me. But then again, partying all night in Thermal could possibly be the death of anyone. By the time I got home, around 3:30am, I was exhausted from having too much fun, too much chaos, and maybe even a little too much to drink. Regardless, all the hustle and bustle turned out to be worth it. And that is exactly why I am thankful to be here on this, most certainly, lovely Monday morning with all of you.

Here is what you might be thankful for in the upcoming week ahead:

1. The Saturday Night Party Recap. The night was so “interesting” that theCVASblog & Steven Preston are teaming up to create a 3-part-series, multi-media recap on what went down at the Diverse City show. I think you will enjoy it. We are going to be incorporating text, photographs, and live video footage. Come back on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to catch Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

2. Myspace. I hope we are already friends on myspace. If not, let’s link up! Come back here tomorrow to see the new link to the myspace. This makes it easier to find me and add me if you haven’t yet. It’s a good idea to become friends, you get to know when the blog has been updated and sooner than later there will be contests and promotions through the myspace. So stay tuned and stay connected.

3. Interviews. On and strong. Artist vs. artists interviews are still going on and I think you will be interested to see whose up to bat next!

4. FREE: Films, Events, Music. On top of a list of all the daily, free, cool things going on around town this week I will also be posting free music from DJ Alf Alpha! DJ Alf Alpha just released a new mix tape. All of his favorite hip hop songs are on one 70 minute mix available for you to download.

5. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Best day on the blog. =) Come see what’s in store for weekend party forecast. Looks like another weekend of chaos. Uhh ohhh….

6. Writers/Interviewers/Photographers. Hey, if you’re interested in supplying party recaps, pictures of local artists, album reviews, show reviews, interview or whatever else you got in mind…. then let me know. I am always up to new ideas and new forms of creativity. Please email me at

Thanks for reading… see ya soon!