I knew it was going to be a long night when I found myself lost and doing circles in Mecca. I had left my directions to the Diverse City show in Thermal at home on accident and I had Alf Alpha (driver),

Al and Carlo of Macroscopic (backseat passengers),

Izzy of Melted Chocolate and his girlfriend (following behind us in their car),

and Sara (giving directions on the phone)
all yelling at me in frustration.

Whoops. Was it right on 66th, or left? I couldn’t remember, but I soon came to realize that left was not right. After about 45 minutes of traveling through date fields and pulling up to the wrong elementary school in Mecca, we finally made our way to the right elementary school parking lot in Thermal.

Our pre-party session in the parking lot was cut short when the cops starting circling the lot like birds over their dead prey. Without thinking twice we all dropped whatever we were quenching our thirst with, passed the show’s intimidating security and made it safely into the gates of Diverse City.

First person we see is Steve Preston. He throws some pretty legit “All Access” concert badges on us and gives us the 411 on what’s been going down so far at Diverse City. Sounds like we weren’t the only ones that were lost. Knowing that time was of the essence, I made my way to say what’s up to friends and artists and tried to snap as many party pictures in an attempt to capture, what looked like was destined to be, the climax of the night.

After almost completing a lap around the party I ran into DJ Vichyy and Cassidy of 1984Rats. As we were talking about the show, the music is cut and our attention is directed to the stage. Party is announced over. We look at each other with disappointment, as I was just explaining to them that Steven Preston and I had plans to do some interviews. Next thing you know some dude with no shirt and long hair who is double fisting two beers gets on the mic and makes an announcement that there is going to be an “official after party.” I figure it’s a perfect time to press the record button again and make my way to the stage.

DiverseCITy – Part II from Steven Preston on Vimeo.
When I finally get up to what seemed to be a 7 foot high stage, someone on the platform yells at me, “Hey, are you Sarah?” I say sure, but am a little confused as to who this character is with the flashing Mickey Mouse ears on his head. Turns out it was Classic Cult, a young guy who time will tell later be relevant to this night of party shenanigans. He asks me for a ride to the after party, I say sure.

The memory stick on my camera reads full so I try to find Alf Alpha to get the keys to the car to load up on gigs. We decide that we better just scram before we get kicked out by the authorities.

Alf Alpha pops Planet Lunch’s latest CD into the stereo and we get a call confirming that the final word is that the after party will be at 51st and Harrison. Easy enough, right?
Well, think again….

Words, Photos, and Youtube by: Sarah of the Coachella Valley Art Scene
Vimeo by: Steven Preston