Yes! I’m alive. And so are you if you are reading this. Congratulations. Last weekend was so much fun. Thursday through Sunday was one big party, and I was loving it the whole time.

But, alas, it is time to move on and into the week following Halloween. Booooo….

Back to life, back to reality. This week on the blog we are retreating to our old ways of interviews with local artists, highlighting events, posting party pictures, and dishing out the 411 on some of the cooler events going on around town.

It’s a week of detox and preparation for the next weekend ahead.

Here are just a few highlights for what’s up next:

1. Election Day ’08. This is one of the most monumental elections ever. I am so excited and proud to vote. Not only do I actually care about what President I will be voting for, but I am also excited to vote for many of the Propositions that we have the opportunity to vote on. I will be featuring some kids from around the desert who are voicing their opinion on who they will be voting for and why. Come see who gets featured.

1. Interviews. The artist on artist segment is still going strong. This week features interviews with the Dead Beat Daddies and Trucha. I think you might appreciate the diverse music selection that the two will bring to the blog. And remember, if you would like to participate in the Artist on Artist segment, just drop me a line or two at and we can work something out.

2. Featured Event. If you have been paying close attention to the blog you might have noticed that I am starting a new featured titled, Featured Event. This highlights an event that I think would be most appealing to a majority of the blogs’ readers. If you have an event that you think should be highlighted, please send me an email giving me a description of your event and attached with a flyer.

3. Steven Preston’s vimeos. So, for Halloween Steven Preston’s Vimeos were ghosts and you couldn’t see them. Just kidding. There was some kind of spell casted on them last week and they were unable to get posted, BUT! this week they will be posted and in a cool fashion. I know you will love it, so come back for that.

4. FREE: Films, Events, Music. As you probably know by now, every Wednesday this posting goes down. This week I think I might surprise DJ Famemiss by posting one of her mixes. And Alf alpha just dropped me a line letting me know he has ANOTHER mix – this week is electro theme. I’m excited.

5. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Yep, my favorite day on the blog. This weekend the blog will be attending one of the parties. And perhaps Steven Preston will also and perhaps we shall do another party recap story? We shall see…..

Stay tuned in.
And thank you for reading…..

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