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Ming Bob vs. Trucha

This week on the blog we are featuring the last of the Ming Bob Vs. _____ segment. In his final interview Ming Bob had the opportunity to interview one of Coachella Valley’s popular rock and rock en espanol bands. Check out the interview with Trucha, the band that claims to not be dead… but are very much alive. Make sure to give their music a listen to and check their myspace after the jump.

Ming Bob: Who is Trucha?
Trucha: We are a 5 piece reggae/rock band, based out of the coachella valley…..trying to make a buzzz
MB: What inspired you to write the music you play?
Trucha: We all pull inspiration from different waves and mediums, but we all agree that we are all inspired by one another, and our lives, and the journey of this music we make.
MB: How long have you been playing together?
The new and improved band has been playing about six months
MB: What other bands have you jammed with?
Trucha: Revol Concept, Roadblock, Eek-a-mouse, China Rosa, Jessie Deluxe, Slipping into Darkness, Undiscovered Poets, and many more…
MB: Has the music scene in the coachella Valley grown in these past recent years?
Trucha: Yeah, pretty much… Thanks Ming Bob!
MB: Tell me a bit about each member of your band that we might not know.
Trucha: Well since you asked… Felix is a Pig Wrangler, Rick-Dog transforms into a superhero and fights crime at night. Chango is World Champion Luchador in Mexicali every other week. Indo is a certified steam rice maker and La Maniaca can swallow razorblades.
MB: Any advice to upcoming musicians or band sin th Coachella Valley?
Trucha: B minor to G to D to E minor… hahha. Yeah.
MB: Do you have any shout outs?
Trucha: Yeah… Jasper, Ming Bob, Robert Castaneda, the homies, anyone whos ever came to our shows and anyone whos down for our sound.

All photos by 5000 Photography

Check out Trucha’s sound at myspace. com/truchawhatcha