Whether you are happy, sad, in disbelief or all of the above in regards to Barack Obama as our news President, one thing that I do know for sure is that America definitely came together on Tuesday night. I saw television coverage of people celebrating their hope and belief that change is near in cities all over America; in Chicago, Atlanta, in New York and at the White House, it was amazing and inspirational. So, if you still don’t believe that their will be changes in our government and policies, you can now have at least some hope that we as people and as a society will change. As this poster to the left of this text says it best..” Si se puede! Cambio!”
Personal, political and religious views aside, this weekend is another reason to get out there and get together. Go celebrate, go debate, go pout, just go.
Just as politics and hip hop always seem intertwined, it proves itsef to be true again. This weekend is Hip Hop heavy with the heavy hitters of the hip hop scene of the desert.
And please remember to click on the flyer to enlarge it to enable yourself to get the 411 on directions and all that. Thanks.
p.s. This image was brought to you by the Date Farmers. They made this poster for the Obama campaign for the Texas/New Mexico Obama campaign. Give them some love at www.myspace.com/datefarmers
p.s.s. Prop 8 =(

Projects 2 Do this Weekend:
FRIDAY, November 7th:

If you plan on getting out of town for the weekend, make yoru first stop LA. And make that stop in LA at the Whiskey A Go Go! Tonight ones of the desert’s favorite bands will be performing in LA and need yoru support. They are predicted to rock the house and get everyone in LA to boogie on down as if they never left the dirt.

If you plan on staying at home, then you might as well check out Desert Storm 2. If you like sound of underground hip hop, then these guys will serve you right.

SATURDAY, November 8th:
Before you make your way to any other show this weekend, take the time to journey on down to Coachella and attend the Benefit Show for Carlos Galvez. Los Mumblerz amongst other will be performing. It is only 3 dollar to attend, but please, bring some more to donate to the Galvez family.

After the Benefit Show head on out to the Salvation Mountain show. This shall be interesting. If you are into this – then you should definitely go.

But, let’s say you are not interested in traveling to either one of those destinations, then please do stop by the Mechanics of Sound show. Make reservations to fin out where it is. The homies Macroscopic, Provoked, and Soul Opus will be performing live and direct.

Thanks for checking out the blog. Come back sooooooooon…..

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Thank you.