Good Morning Mondays.

How is it going from your side of the computer screen? Hope this message reaches you in a good mood and happiness.
As I type this message to you, I write with a million things on my mind. The blog is under going major renovations and has big plans ahead of itself. And I really think that you will like what I am stirring up. So, please, stay tuned.

Here are just a few of my short-term goals for this week ahead on the blog:

1. 2 Steps back. Before I take steps forward into the future of the blog, as always, I like to take two steps back, first. Going back into time, this week I will be featuring some of the classic rock n’ roll from the Coachella Valley. Circa ’95. Personally, I am really excited to share this specific genre of music with you. If you are a native of the Coachella Valley then I think you will appreciate it as much as I do. You’ll see…

2. Interviews. This week I am hoping I can bring back Girl of the Week. In addition to the Girl of the Week, I am hoping I can squeeze in some time with a local hip hop crew that I am sure many of you are familiar with and are fans of. So, come back to see what these kids are all about.

3. FREE: Films, Events, Music. Ahhhhh yyeeaahhhh…, this week I got something for the film nerds, the music junkies and the spontaneous sporty types. This time of the year is beautiful in the desert – so get out there and soak up some Coachella Valley culture. Yes, there is some.

4. Things 2 do Thursdays. Alright, so this weekend isn’t like jam packed with events, but there is plenty to do. Plenty of shows to go to, and plenty of good music to go around for everyone. Also, keep this in mind, theCVASblog will be hosting a party at the Date Farmer’s art studio not this weekend but next. =). If you have attended our last few parties, then I am sure (and I hope) that we will see you again. If you haven’t been to a Date Farmer/theCVASblog party, then please do come! It’s free, all ages, and nothing but positive vibes. That’s just the way theCVASblog and the Date Farmers roll. And hey, if you are an artist, and we haven’t met, then roll through and let’s chat it up. The flyer will be up next week.

5. Writers, socialites, creative and witty minded people. I would love to get some guest writers on this blog. If you would love to have some of your writings featured, then let’s connect. I am currently looking for peeps to do some album reviews (for any musical genre), interviews, or stories about living/partying/doing whatever in the Coachella Valley. Whatever your thoughts, share ’em. email me at or myspace me at

Thanks again for checking out the blog. And tell a friend about the site.
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