Look outside. See that? That’s a beautiful Full Moon. I don’t know about you, but no matter what – I always manage to go out on Full Moons. You just can’t go wrong. A full Moon to me equates to a full night of fun. And correct me if I am wrong, but this Full Moon is in Taurus? From what my astrologist tells me, I guess we are in for nights filled with all things associated with the astrological sign of the Taurus… those being beauty, arts, luxury and fine dining. That explains all these events that are going on this weekend (see the FREE: Films, Events, Music posting). On top of those daytime to-dos there are plenty of activities for the freaks that come out at night.

Here is what the man in/on the moon has in store for you. Be good. He’s watchin’.


Told you the Man in The Moon was watchin’. This here is a party flyer to a secret party in Indio. I guess if you knowwho did the art, then you can trace back the steps, and find out where this ultra cool Dance Party is going to be at.

Hmmm…. I see Jack Daniels and sexy red lips… I see trouble. I also see Sol Distric is headlining. Oh yes, trouble is near. Happy Bday Nando – looks like it’s going be a raunchy one.

Stop – drop – shut ’em down – open up shop – ooohhh – nnnooooo – that’s a Ruff Ryders roll. Come on … you know the song. Don’t act like you didn’t used to play it all loud in your bedroom in middle/elementary school. Just when you thought the Ruff Ryders were done – they come back in full effect. Pretty gangsta. Check them out this weekend.

Oh la la. Looky what we have here. This is an awesome flyer. Pretty cute. And so Green friendly all at the same time. Save the Whales’s party starts at 4:00pm. Does that mean they’ll be saving my appetite as well??? That’s dinner time here on shore.

Life’s the Bubbles. Interesting name for a party, so it should make for an interesting time. Interesting line up at an interesting place. Hhmm……interesting. Go check it out.

JOHNNY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! In case you didn’t know – Johnny is my friend. Johnny takes awesome pictures and Johnny has good taste in music. Johnny asked some really cool bands from LA and teh IE to come out and jam out for his birthday and they agreed. PLUS! That gangsta chick DJ Vichyy is going to be spinning on the 1’s and 2’s. So, basically, this is going to be an awesome party. One that shall not be missed. And one that shall never be forgotten. One that you shall attend and shall drink many beverages at.

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p.s. Click on the photo at the top (moon pic) to see the song of the weekend.