Good Morning Monday.

Hey all! This week is going to be a short – but sweet one. Don’t eat too much and get too waisted (har har) on Thursday because there is going to be a bangin’ party on Saturday night that I want to invite you to. Think of it as another family gathering, just… that… this is your artsy fartsy side of the fambam. It will definitely be something to be thankful for.

Here are some other tasty treats to look be thankful for this week on the blog:

1. Blog Buddies. We all have one. We all need some. Blogs are a fun way to stay connected and updated with what your favorite artists and friends are up to. This week I am going to be pointing out some of the better blogs from around the valley. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, specializing in one spectrum of the arts to another, and all are pretty decent. Make sure to add these blogs to your RSS feed…

2. FREE: Films, Events, Music. This week is fillllllllled with tons of stuff to do. We can blame Turkey Day for that one. So if you got family in town from out of town, and everyone wants to know an answer the dreaded questions… “what is there to do out here”… then I got the answer for you right here on the blog. Come by on Tuesday or Wednesday to find ways toentertain the family. Also, I would like mention that I am going to be featuring a very short film from a local desert film director. And, I will be giving you not 1, but 2 FREE downloadable mixtapes! One will be Alf Alpha’s latest modern Hip Hop mixtape. And the other is Classic Cults eletromaniac mix tape.

3. The Date Farmers Art Studio Party. Mark your calenders for November 29th. This party is going to be revolutionary. Haha. Maybe not so revolutionary, but DEFINITIELY fun. We are aiming to please all of your 5 senses. So here we go: 1. Sight. You will be chilling in the Date Farmers Art Studio, enough said. Checkl their myspace here to see their work.2. Sound. Coming live and direct will be Sailors on Shore, Sand Like Snow, Macroscopic, Slipping Into Darkness, Alf Alpha (with special guests Speak and Pheo). 3. Taste & Smell: Organic catering by Frances the Farmer Catering Company. 4. Touch: Free Party Favors from yours truely… the CVAS blog. Also in attendance will be 5000 Photography and Steven Preston, so come looking nice. Haha. See ya there, the flyer will be posted on Thursday.

4. Things 2 Do Thursday. OK, so this weekend is not jammed packed with parties… but, I can say that there is quality over quantity. Due to the shortage, I am doing a full story on the Date Farmer Art Studio Party. Giving you the run down on all of the artists and all that. Plus, I will be posting the other parties that will be going down around town as well. It’s gonna be fun.

5. Randomness. I have been gracing some local desert kids myspace profiles lately and have been finding some good artwork and sounds. I think I might just do some random posting. And I think you might just like it. Stay posted to see if your art gets posted.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope to see you/meet you at the party!