I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

This Saturday everyone is welcome to come to the Date Farmer’s Art Studio Party.
I am really excited for this party, as we will not only get to see the latest works from the Date Farmers, but we will also get to hear some of the best musicians from the desert, be introduced to new musicians, eat some good food, take some good pictures, and take home some limited party favors.
Here are all the different party flyers that I found popping up all around the Internet.
I will be announcing the Official Line-Up tomorrow on Myspace. So check that bulletin box.
Address is 45130. FYI.
Remember Steven Preston? He has a cool Vimeo site and also was a reporter for the “A Night In Coachella” party recap. We will be working on another party recap for this event as well.
Only 50 party favors available. Limited edition.

You’ll love it. Enough said.

Recently added.  That’s hot.

Alf Alpha’s super special, super fly, special guests.  This will be a performance that you will NOT want to miss.  Take my word, these guys are really, really, really dope.

p.s. Feel free to bring your demos, your black books, and your skateboards.

Hope to see you there...