Feelin’ a little mischievous?

Don’t just be a puppet this weekend and stay at home. Be a real boy/girl and get out and have fun this weekend with some friends.
This weekend’s lineup is filled with a few things that might tempt you to do some things you may not normally do. Hmmmm….

Here is what is in store for the weekend ahead:

It’s a Thursday night! Go help the economy. Go get drunk.

I dunno about you, but I just love this band’s name. It just makes me see what they are all about. They say never to judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s not a book. So…. Anyways, just go.


Funk nasty fresh sounds like a good time to me. I mean, really. What is better than a funky, nasty, fresh time? Nada. It’s at Rehab lounge. But everyone know that rehab has the best parties.

So, let me explain this flyer. I found this on the Internet. I don’t know if this guys reads this website, but I think if he did he would get kinda embarrassed that I put this up. So, please, don’t tell him where you got the information, just show up at his party.
Heyyy, look at this festive flyer. Pretty cute. And hheeyyy, look at this, a new venue. Pretty sweet. Go check this out. Let me know if this is a cool spot. =)

What I like most about this is not just the bands that will be playing, but that this reminds me of something you would see in San Fransisco. Except, Nuclear Youth, Facelift and Dekreped would be playing at the Golden Gate Park. Since we can’t have everything in life and can’t afford to hop on the next plane up to the bay this weekend, do the next best thing and go to the park behind Vons in DHS on Saturday.

Go ahead… schmooze and booze with the schmusic provided by schmoul opus.

If you missed it the first night, you can always come the second night. Not a bad idea…


Wait a minute… do I see the words, “FREE BBQ” on the flyer? Cool. Wait a minute, I also see that Geoff Bowley will be there. And I aallssooo see that the first 100 kids will get a limited edition t-shirt had screenprinted by Geoff. What the!?! Carpool, anyone?

The Coachella Valley Shows kids are at it again. This time, they are in Cat City. So, for those of you who weren’t able to make it out to their Coachella shows, now is the opportunity to make it to their CC show. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
*Also, rumor on the street is that DJ ODC will playing this Saturday at JD’s Landing. No flyer found, as of yet.

As always, thank you for reading! And make sure to come back this weekend to get the Date Farmer’s Art Studio Multi-media Party Recap!!