This past weekend I was hanging out with some fresh artists (Alf Alpha, Speak, Pheo, Fudd(not photographed)) that are from out of town (minus Alf Alpha). I was showing them around the desert, all my favorite places, and before the day was over I made it a point to take them to the dopest little spot to satisify all of their street wear clothing cravings…
They were lovin’ it.
They each swooped on some shirts, drooled over the shoes, and really enjoyed the atmosphere of the store.
Fresh Out the Box is true to it’s name. Fresh!

Take some time to go check out this store. It’s better than the mall.
And note that some of the local clothing companies have their line available there to check out also.
Fresh Out the Box can be found at:
73954 Hwy 111
Palm Desert, CA 92262
Hours you can visit them at:
11a – 8pm Mon-Sat
12p-6p Sun
A number you can call them at: