I have had a few inquiries about advertising on the blog, and I finally decided that I would go ahead and allow people to promote their business a bit. Of course, in the spirit of the theme of the blog, they will only be open to local businesses, artists, bands, bars, whatevers. As long as it’s 760, it’s cool.

What I am willing to offer is to link up your site with mine. Meaning, see that “myspace.com” link on the left side there?… That could be your business’s logo and a direct link into your world.
This is open to anyone who is interested. But, of course, at a reasonable fee. I am not greedy, I am professional. So, please write me an email if you would be interested in knowing more about how many viewers I get a day and how much I would charge on a monthy basis. My email is thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com.
The early bird gets the worm!