For some, the holidays are full of cheer. For others, they are stressful.
Lucky for you, I have the peeerrrrrfect remedy to release all that built up stress and tension from all those mandatory, work related Christams parties, “Secret Santa” exchanges, forced “Happy Holidays” smiles, and cold weather (for all the true desert rats).
The perfect remedy is to gather up all of your closest friends and head on out to party this weekend and support your local art scene. Spread that wealth! Buy an extra drink or two, some merch, a CD, whatever tickles your fancy.
This weekend does not disappoint. There is a lot to do with enough variety to provide a little something for everyone. A hip hop show here, an indie rock joint there, punk shows in the mix, and a couple electro – dance – your – heart – out shows sprinkled on top. A recipe that even the Top Chef could not compete with.
Don’t miss out on some of the art and fashion parties that are going on as well. They should be pretty awesome. To get some more insight on that art show on Friday night, make sure to scroll down to read the interview with one of the artists that will be debuting his work.
And to all my fellow Hanukkah celebrators, have a Happy Hanukkah this Sunday!!!
Have a super fun and super safe weekend!!!
Here is just what the doctor ordered:


Pick which flyer you like the best. This line-up is strong. I know a lot of people are going to show up. But, don’t even think about coming if you don’t have 3 canned food items. That would not be very Kosher of you.

HOLLA. Check out the interview that I had with JAH below. The desert’s graffiti art fans unite here.

Wait – what? A mansion? And it’s free? And it’s in Sky Valley, so it will probably not get broken up. And it’s an album release party? And we can dress to impress? I’m likin’ this already…

Red Barn shows. You know what’s up.

Okay, have I told you before how nice this Oasis Nightclub in Palm Springs is? This place is so dope!! The decor is fabulous. The drinks are strong. And these DJs are going to make you dance all night long.


Food, Fashion and Music. My kinda party. Check out all these bands, they are the new guys to watch out for. And buy some shirts for your Grandma!!!
Uh oh. This flyer just looks like trouble. The Hip Hop kids are at it again. Make sure to RSVP.

Okay, has anyone else notices that the date might be wrong? This could be some grade A marketing scheme, though. Because Friday is the 19th and Sunday is the 21st. I will just put the fier in the Sunday section. Any questions, give a guy in one of the bands or the B&G Club a call. They should know what’s up. Anyways, check out this line up, pretty awesome.
So, I don’t know what’s up with all these Sunday shows, but I really like it. All these shows are in all different parts of the valley. Pretty cool. Pick your poison. If you are in Palm Springs, then pick this show. Who is Tosh & Josh? I do not know, but soon to find out…