Life is like a mixtape, you just never know what you’re gonna get.

So is the desert’s nightlife. You just never know what a Friday or Saturday night has in store for you.

This weekend, in terms of organized chaos, there are only a couple shows going on. But, don’t be disappointed, all are pretty good quality. Matter of fact, I would say really good quality.
Each show offers something a bit unexpected, not your typical bands playing at your typical bar. There are some new names on lineups and I think it’s about time.
So, go watch a film at the film fest during the day and then catch a show at night. It really can’t get much better than that, right?
Aaahhhh…. life is good in the desert in the winter….
Um… I guess it’s a little obvious that I got my inspiration for the theme of this posting from this party. But, really… can you blame me? This party flyer is awesome. And I love the barter system that is being established. Plus, they are bringing back that old school, mixtape. And they got some new names on the lineup that are worth checking out. Oh, and that gangsta DJ, DJ Vichyy is gonna spin. Word on the street is that she has a Pug as a backup dancer.

One of the best things about the desert is it’s Ranch parties. When you party on a ranch in the middle of the desert it is pretty much the best thing ever. The metal band that I just interviewed (see the posting below), Dekreped, is going to be there and they are gonna rock the joint. Bring your favorite beer and get read to do some hardcore headbanging. The party is not going to stop. Make sure to get there early to check out all the other bands as well…. like Ugly All Day. Are they ugly at night? You gotta go to the show to find that one out.

So, after your long day at the movie theater and slow recovery from the night before, you will in need of an acoustic set to wind you down. Twiddle deedwiddle dumb… oh! look what we have here… a show at Ignition that will be perrrrrrfect for that craving. And not only can you have your acoustic and eat it too, but you can also smoke some hookah on the side. Sounds like a good way to end the weekend to me…

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