Good Morning Monday.

The name of the game this week on the blog is: swagger. And for all those non-slang-friendly viewers who read the blog… swagger=style. I will be putting the spotlight on those individuals and crews from around the valley whose style is just undeniably bold and trendsetting. It’s good to stand out and I think a celebration of swagger is so necessary. Amongst the swaggerlites of the valley, other subjects such as film, astrology, politics, music and events will be featured on the blog this week as well.

Here is a little sneak peak:

1. Girl of the Week. Holla at yer homegirl… my favorite feature is back. This week I am interviewing a special someone who has some solid swagger. I saw her around at some events around town and had to have her on my blog. Her style is bold and colorful and I think she is a real trendsetter from the 760. Come back for the 411 on the desert fashion.

2. International Film Fest vs. Indie Film Fest. Okay, so there is the PS International Film Fest going on right now… but that is pretty expensive to go to and there are long lines. So, I thought… why don’t I have a mini-Internet indie free film fest on the blog? I got a few films from some local filmmakers that I will be screening. No lines, no cost. If you are so indie that I don’t have your film, then send it this way to participate in the CVAS blog’s indie film fest:

3. Interviews. This week I am happy to announce that I will be interviewing a band who I think is pretty rockin’. Not only is their sound, upbeat, fresh, fun but their style is as well.

4. 1-800-Bootleg Cleo. Sorry about not featuring Bootleg Cleo last week. Turns out my Internet crashed last Friday and I couldn’t post her first feature for the blog. =( It would have been nice if my psychic for the blog could at least have predicted that for me… but ya know… that is why she is bootleg. Anyways, I am looking forward to have 1-800-Bootleg Cleo featured exclusively on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog. You will be able to write into her and ask her all kinds of “Ask Annie”-type questions, about the future, astrology, whatever is on your mind. Come back for that.

5. Twitter. Yo, get with the program.

6. Inauguration Day. Hey what are you doing for Inauguration Day?? The bloggity blog will be featuring another segment on what kids all over the valley will be doing that night. Part-tay.

7. The usuals. FREE: Films, Events, Music will be up on Wednesday. Surprise surprise. Come to see whats all gravy and whose mix I will post. Things 2 Do Thursday will be dropping the party fliers and that goodness. Hit me up if I don’t have your party flier.

It’s going to be a good, busy week. Stay tuned and I look forward to getting some feedback from you guys. That’s always interesting….