In celebration of my 210th posting on, I thought I would take some time out to refresh everyone on who has been interviewed so far on the blog. In total, there has been 37 artists from all around the valley, doing all sorts of different things. This of course is all within a seven month period. This is to say that I am looking forward to what the next seven months will bring us here on the Coachella Valley Art Scene as well….

So without further ado, some of the people who make this whole thing happen, yours truly, your hometown artists:

Afiliated Clothing

Alf Alpha

Brie Beadin

Carlee Hendrix

Chad Hopes

CV Punk Shows

Daikon Eklectik


DJ Day

DJ Famemiss

DJ Odysey

DJ Vichyy

Edwardo Valadez

Half Astro


Jen Ballera


La Maniaca

Lincoln Jesser

Los Mumblers


Ming Bob

Mira La Luz

Nicole Arne Kondra

Okinoa Photography

Organic Junk Fude

Owl Radio


Revol Concept

Steven Preston

Symara Stone

The Suferkaterz


* some of the artists are not linked up yet, just give me a few hours, its a lot of work. if you see an artist who was interviewed who i somehow forgot, please let me know asap. thanks. be back in a minute, it’s dinner time.