Obama in the hhhhooouuuuussssseeee.

If that is not a reason to go out and party, shoot, then I don’t know what is.
This weekend has a grip of things for you to do (maybe not Friday night, but Saturday for sure). You can either opt to stay in town (where the weather couldn’t be nicer) or venture out to LA where some of the desert’s favorite are performing in Hollywood (within blocks from each other). You really just can’t break up the desert kids – can you?
If Obama can crash 12 parties in one night, then I am ssuurreee you can make it out to at least one party each night. I mean, ya know, Beyonce may not be there in attendance to greet you at the first party you crash… but hey, you just never know…
Here are a few parties to look forward to this weekend:
= no organized party night. crash a quincenanera and call it a night.

Alright, check this out, this is gonna be the banger. I have been looking forward to this show for like two weeks. In fact, last Saturday I showed up to the spot, thinking it was time for the Benefit Show. Ya…. dduuuuhhhh. Anyways, there is a lot of love going on at this show, not only with the two birds hugging on the flier (awwwww), but just amongst the crowd. This show is going to be bringing the Center back to life with a tons of bands and a ton of good vibes. Bring some dough, share the wealth.

Release party!!! Third world magazine is making it’s debut with some good schmusic. Dont be a schmuck and miss out. You really can not go wrong with Revol Concept and Tribe-O on the line up . A good night guarenteed!!
And in case the other two shows aren’t amusing to you, there is always Ignition. There are some interesting bands playing here. The show is all ages and only seven buck-a-roos. Don’t do anything Obama wouldn’t do…
Shows in Los Angeles that are featuring desert artists:

Alright, so here is the show of all shows to go to in LA on Saturday. If you are an Art nerd, then you gotta be here. New Image Art Gallery was the first home to all of these artists and all of these artists are doing really cool things now. If you look to the bottom right hand side you can see all the people who are going to be sponcering this party. Pretty cool. Please do google some of these artists if you haven’t all ready. And… ummm.. doesnt the party look familiar?? Yeah, the picture was taken in the high desert. I’m telling you… LA loves the Coachella Valley. more than you know. Local desert artists that will be there: Date Farmers and DJ Alf Alpha!!
The other LA show is right down the street, starting at 9:30pm. Slipping Into Darkness will be playing here:
Molly Malones
575 South Fairfax Ave
Los Angeless, California 90036
21 and over
(no party flier as of yet)
Go support your local artists. In and out of town.
Thanks for reading. And like always, if you don’t see yoru flier up here, then please shoot me an email with it: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com