Hello my friends. My name is Sonya the Psychic and I will be forecasting the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s future for the week of January 26 – 31st.

I am happy to come to you all on this new Chinese year. It is now year of the Earth Ox. This is exciting because it only comes along once every 60 years. The Earth Ox is associated with industry and hard work. The omens suggest that the honest and diligent efforts will eventually be rewarded.

With that in mind, this week on the blog I can predict an abundance of shows and events that will be showcasing all the hardworking artists and community organizers from around the valley. As the earth Ox is also symbolized as strength gathered through unity, harmony, obedience, courage and hard slog, I predict to see more of this not just in the first week of the new year, but throughout the rest of the year. I see the people of the Coachella Valley coming together to eventually build a stronger art community than ever before. This is quite exciting.

My predictions for what posts will be featured on the website shall be:

1. Free Events. Everybody loves free, especially in times when we all have to watch our pockets. I see a tons of really good quality free events that invite all who are artistically curious to come together and enjoy culture.

2. Green Means of Transportation. I see posts for the next couple weeks ahead, all associated with different ways to get around town and the lifestyle that is associated with it. This is interesting because these alternative ways of commuting can also be associated with the year of the Ox. It requires hard work and determination, but it will give you lots of rewards later on down the road. But for this particular week, I see a feature on skateboarding.

3. Interviews. Some like the feeling of digging for treasures on the Internet. The feeling of finding something , rare, funny, and time consuming can make for forget about any economic troubles or personal discomforts for the time being. I see an interview with something that falls along the lines of this theme. Shall be a good one…

4. The usuals. FREE: Films, Events, Music and Things 2 Do Thursday will be in full effect this week, as they are every week. Although this week, you will be happy to know that there will be tons of parties and shows to attend on Saturday night. Stayed tuned.

5. Date Farmer Art Studio Showcase. The Date Farmers will be opening up their studio once again to all art enthusiasts. They will be showcasing their latest works, all of which are absolutely amazing. Their art affiliates, Albert Reyes and Shizu will be coming as well. Alf Alpha will be DJing and a special guest band will be performing as well. I predict that the Coachella Valley Art Scene will be serving fine wines. And also, take note, that you have to RSVP. This is not to turn anyone away, just to get a good estimate of how many are going to come and how many bottles of wine shall be purchased. The year of the Ox is no time to be shy, so please RSVP at thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com. It shall be an excellent party!!!

Thank you for reading and keep checking back in for all the new updates throughout the week.