THURSDAY, Feb. 5, 6 p.m.
Annenberg Theater

What Remains: The Life And Work Of Sally Mann (2006)
Running Time: 80 min
Directed and produced by Emmy®-winner Steven Cantor, What Remains: The Life And Work Of Sally Mann follows Mann as she embarks on a new project, exploring the subject of death and inevitable decay. Her newest undertaking, the provocative photo series What Remains, is a meditation on death that explores the way in which nature assimilates the body once life has left it, while directly confronting American attitudes towards dying. It includes: new photographs examining the scars left on her property after an armed fugitive was hunted down by the police and then shot himself; ominous landscapes from the Civil War battlefield of Antietam; a forensics study site showing the process of human decomposition; images of the bones and skin of a beloved, long since departed pet greyhound; and, in a closing, life-affirming gesture, close-up portraits of her children.