Lights… camera… action…

Aaannnddd – we’re back!

Welcome to the last week of February 2009. Not to hate on February or anything, but I am happy to see this month go. I have been sick this whole month and it has really been a bit of a damper on my blogging capabilities. It’s kinda been a struggle to get creative and innovative when my head feels like it weighs 50 pounds. BUT, that is all in the past and a new leaf is turning with the slow and steady transition in March 2009.

As I am free of fevers, the blog will be full of congestion. I am happy to say that I had a great weekend and I am looking forward to sharing all my explorations of the desert with you. Saturday night I hung out with the ride-or-die kids of the valley at the Palm Springs Skate Park. It was awesome. Sunday I got a special tour of the new swanky danky Ace Hotel. The Date Farmers are doing all sorts of cool accessorizing there, to the all ready super cool spot. This hotel is going to be a must visit once it is all ready to go.

This week we can look forward to the following:

1. A Night at the Skate Park Recap. Over 200 kids were there. Epidemic Skate Shop was there. Vans was there. Alf Alpha was there. Slipping Into Darkness was there. Sol District was there. All the best skaters around town were there. Do I need to say more??? 5000 Photography and Enrique Solis (my photographer friends) are gonna help me visually tell the story later this week.

2. Ace Hotel. Go on their website to get the basic idea of where this hotel is coming from. It’s Bohemian style. There is a $4 Photobooth that you can swipe your ATM at. All the art is from local artists. Their carbon count is probably really low, artistic level is really high. Recap of the CVAS’s tour at the hotel coming up very shortly this week.

3. Interview with Alf Alpha. If you don’t already know about Alf Alpha, then you’re sleeping. Alf Alpha is going to be dropping his first official album on a label in Japan this Friday! And not just that, Alf Alpha will also be featured in the upcoming Waxpoetics Japan issue. An early celebration of the album release is going to be celebrated at the Hammer museum (in LA) as Alf Alpha will be DJing for Kanye West and the Date Farmer’s music video debuts. If you can, pile in your friend’s car and make your way out to LA on Wednesday to support your local Coachella Vallian artists. Whoop whoop. Come back around Wednesday or Thursday for the interview.

4. Explorations of the Desert. Keep ’em coming. This week, Alicia Segura will be featuring a few photographs that she took while on an exploration throughout the desert. To submit your personal photo collectionto the all you have to do is email your pictures to and we would be happy to post.

5. PS Art Museum and other cool art galleries. There is a lot of cool stuff going on this week at the cool art galleries in town. Come back to see what’s up.

6. The usuals. FREE: Films, Events and Music. All the free and close to free events going on around town that seem worth going to is every Wednesday on the CVAS. Things 2 Do Thursday gives the night by night party breakdown. Make sure to go support your local art scene. They need and love you.

As always, thanks for reading! See ya soon!

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