Here is a little bio about who CULTURAS is:
CULTURAS is going on its second year.
We had some cultural functions and art events in Coachella.
Our main goals are to establish on going art programs: Dance, theater, music, painting, etc… We want focus on working with high risk youth. Developing art as alliterative community service. …
We are working with several people organizing the community to decide what they would like to see on that wall. There is plenty of room. The wall it self is approximately 1000 feet long….
From the ideas of the residents or community we will come up with a theme, then organize and ask artists to come on board. We want artists and people from all walks of life. It is not a Coachella residents project.
It is more than a mural, its bringing people together.”

To get more information on how you can be apart of this project, please attend the meeting.
If you have any further questions, feel free to email me and I will pass you right along to the lovely ladies at CULTURAS. email: