So, this past Sunday I get a call from the Date Farmers and they tell me that they have been working on a couple projects at the new Ace Hotel and asked if I wanted to swing by and check out their stuff. How could I say no?
Prior to this phone call, I had heard a lot of hype on this place. I had heard that Ace had a Bohemian feel to it, every room had a record player, it featured all local artsists, and it had a Photo booth that took ATMs.
I showed to the spot, and to be honest, it was all that had been rumored about, and more. Check out some pictures I took while hanging out with the Date Farmers….

This here is the interior of the front office. Click the picture to enlarge it. There were these really interesting people doing these rope installations for Ace’s front window. I was talking with the Front Desk girls and they were selling these really cool screen printed prints of the images from around the valley. They were awesome. They also showed me a print of the mascot for the hotel. It was a bleached stencil on the softest cotton t-shirts. All environmentally products were used, by all local artists. Naturally, I really liked it.

This is the photo booth that takes ATMs. $4.00 a pop. And the pictures come out in black and white. I took a few, to say the least. Really fun.

They say to not judge a book by it’s cover, but I do judge places by their magazine selections. If you are into the magazine scene, then you know what’s up with these. These are just some of my personal favorites.

I took a step outside to the main grounds. Ace Hotel is still under construction at the moment, and look how nice it looks already. Sooo Palm Springs.

Some design magazine was having a little photo shoot a the same time I was.

To the left, the Date Farmers work on the trailer for the hotel. Once finished, this trailer is going to be put out by the main pool and will be serving snow cones and drinks from it. How cute, right?!?

Carlos of the Date Farmers takes a little painting break.

Armando of the Date Farmers making things pretty.

The Date Farmers were also working on not just the trailer but all sorts of other little projects around the hotel. Even doing these pool signs. Everything at this place had such a personal touch to it. I dug it.
Everything was looking good and I was just about to leave when…
the best van in the world rolled into the parking lot.
Word is that this blue van is the hotel’s van to take the guests around in when they wanna explore through the valley. The next art project that the Date Farmers were gearing up to do was design the Ace Hotel van.
I am a HUGE fan of vintage cars, so I freaked out when I saw this, it is sooo cute.

I can’t wait to see the van once the Date Farmers add their personal touch to it.
In fact, I can’t wait to see Ace Hotel once it is full completed. It’s already adorable.
In my opinion, I think this hotel truly captures the essence of Palm Springs and the charm of the Coachella Valley.
So, the real question here is … once they get the bar up and running… whose down?
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