It looks as if this weekend is going to be a golden one.

If there was ever a weekend to call up all of your friends that you haven’t seen in a minute to get together, this would be the it. The lineups all around town are quite encompassing, and give everyone who is interested, a taste of what the desert’s music scene is today. Good vibes are expected at all shows and even better memories are promised for all who attend.

A highlight, or shall we say a goldenlight, is a very special band from around the way, the Golden Animals. If you haven’t seen them yet, if you haven’t checked out their music yet, or even if you haven’t watched some youtubes yet… then you are in for a treat. The Golden Animals are an amazing band and you should make it a point to go check them out this weekend before they pack up their van and take off to the next destination of their choice.

Here are some destinations of choice that you should consider piling up in a van with all your friends and traveling to this weekend:


What I like most about this flier is that they give a shout out to everyone who “supports this musical movement.”


It’s a birthday party for Pisces . Me, being a Pisces, knows from experience that Pisces are the best. jk jk (kinda). So… go! Because if you roll with any Pisces in your crew, then you know how much they like to party!

This line up is golden. Tribe O, Golden Animals, Slipping Into Darkness, and Sailor on Shore each are going to serve you with a different sound. Come hungry because all your taste buds shall be satisfied.


Look at that little gumba on the flier. How cute. Freshmess on the flier too? Awww… they’re cute.

You might recognize this flier, or you might now. If you do recognize this flier it is probably due to the fact that you saw the last one floating around on the internet, or quite possibly, right here on the blog yesterdy. Well, the new flier that you see today (Friday), has a change of address! Please take note: the party has been moved to 81301 Geranium Indio, CA 92201.

This line up is awesome and you should definitely go. I just might, possibly, see you there.

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Take care and have a fun/safe/cool/exciting/busy/relaxing weekend.
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