Thought you guys might enjoy a few videos that I came across recently on the internet…

old school coachella valley hip hop
if you have any youtubes that you think the rest of the valley might like… send the links to..

p.s. and in regards to the spring break footage in palm springs, check out some desert sun news that i just found:

Headline: Spring break in Palm Springs coming back?
“Palm Springs might see a bit of a resurgence of spring break.
With hotel bed taxes down and people just not traveling around so much, the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism is sending out 55,000 text messages to LA-based 18 to 27-year-olds telling them about mid-week hotel deals in Palm Springs during Spring Break.
The hope is that some will come on over. This is good timing, says one merchant, as colleges and universities nationwide are warning their students not to go to Mexico this year because of escalating drug-related violence.
So where are these students going to go? They should come to Palm Springs, said Luciano Ramirez, owner of Latino Books y Mas in downtown.
Others who were presented with the plans from the bureau during this morning’s Main Street meeting, however, weren’t so sure.
Bob Elsner, a long-time resident and chair of the Airport Commission, said spring break was shut down (by former Mayor Sonny Bono) because it didn’t bring in the bucks and it trashed the town.
“Their memories are short,” Elsner said.
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