The desert nights have never looked so good.
So don’t slack it and stay in the house this weekend. Life is just as short as the nights are, so don’t sleep.

Although the organized parties this weekend are few and far between, they are golden when found.
There may be only around three shows to pick from, but all three looks mighty interesting.
Whether you are a rock, electro or hip hop head, there is a little something for all. And you if are a music junkie and don’t mind any of the above, well then, this is your lucky weekend in the desert.

So, with that being said, you really don’t have a reason to stay in. Get out of the house and explore a little, support your art scene a little, support the economy a little. A little goes a long ways.

Photo credit: Shane McMurphy Photography


(coughs) Well, well, well… if the flier doesn’t spark some interest, then the bands should. I think there should be some money reward to the person who comes naked. That would just be an instant party classic. Whose down?


Is 2mex really going to be there? 2mex sure does love the 760. And are the Corona and Heineken ads there because they are sponsoring the party??? I’m so confused. I guess you gotta go to the party to unfold the secrets to this party.

Check it out! This looks cool. They eye ball is awesome. Sand Like Snow always brings the good party vibes and you just cant mess with the FreshMess. $5 holla.

Song of the weekend: Brant Bjork’s Low Desert Punk
*if you have a party this weekend that i don’t have posted write me asap!