A merry Monday morning to you all….
I hope this weekend was as fun for you as it was for me. I got really inspired as I had a great time connecting with people all weekend… which always seems to have a huge influence on how I approach the blog for the duration of the week following. It’s those life experiences that seem to rub off of me and onto the blog every week….
This week is all about working hard, but having fun and loving it all at the same time. That’s what’s life is all about, right? Well, that’s what the blog is all about this week, at least.
1. Party time.
Bad news: we lost an hour this weekend. Good news: There will be a good party to go to this weekend to make up for it. Something worth your hours. This party will be the party that Aesthetic Arrest has organized and set up ..which is the same one that I will participating in. The CVAS blog will be hosting the Sky Box Room. Artists such as Alf Alpha, Pheo, Speak and FreshMess will be featured in my zone. I will be decking the room out… CVAS blog style. I will also be documenting the night as it plays out and will play it back for you all the next week for my Party Recap special. It’s going to be so fun! This week I will have a special post that will not only feature the artists who will be in my room, but everyone who will be at the party + vital ticket purchasing information. It’s an awesome line up and I am pumped!! Can you tell?
2. FREE: Music.
Nuclear Youth just released their EP and they shared it with me. I thought it was so narly that I asked them if I could share it with the rest of you and they agreed. =) Thanks guys! I will be linking you up with their free downloadble album this week.
3. Video Art – Coachella Residence style.
There are some kids killin’ in the video art department. You gotta check back in to see these videos. You will laugh, cry, cough, and maybe even choke.
4. Photographers and Cinematographers.
You and I… we go together like bread and butter. I need some of you guys for some upcoming project. Holler at me and let’s link up!! email me at thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com for more info…
5. PS Art Museum.
They have all sorts of cool Free stuff going on this week. You gots ta’ ch’ ch’ ch’ check it out. Come back around mid-week to see what the happs are.
6. Artsy Fartsy Partsies.
There are some good Art Gallery Opening Receptions going down this weekend. Swing by to catch a glimps.
7. Explorations of the Desert.
I’m liking this feature. How about you guys? I get a couple emails a week asking if you have to be a “real photographer” to submit photos and and I always say “NO”. This post is for the people by the people. Submit some pictures from your cell phone if you must. Just make sure the pictures are taken while standing on Coachella Valley turf, that’s all I ask. Email anywhere from 1-10 pictures to thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com
8. Randoms.
I might have a few tricks up my sleave this week. Come back soon.
9. The usuals.
Things 2 Do Thursdays will be awesome. FREE: Films, Events, Music will also be awesome. Be an awesome individual and make sure to come back on Wednesday and Thursday to get in the loop.

Thanks to everyone who reads and supports the blog. Your emails continue to inspire me!!