Okay, so it’s no secret that I’m the “superstitious-type”.
But, I mean, come on! Who else out there is kinda creeped out by this second helping of a Friday the 13th? February and March. Back to back! I dunno about you… but I’m gonna be on the lookout for black cats, ladders, and owls. Watch me throw salt over my shoulder the minute I step out the house… and all that other good stuff.

If, and when, I survive Friday night, Saturday night is going to be amazing! I’m so excited. The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog will be hosting a party at The Point After and really wants you to come. I’m going to decorate it and go all out. Alf Alpha, Speak + Pheo, and Fresh Mess are going to rock the spot. It’s upstairs, so don’t get too tipsy turvy. The men behind the show’s madness, Aesthetic Arrest, also booked Themselves, The Sufakatas, Organic Junk Fude, Griefshare, Provoked + Dialect, and Planet Lunch for the downstairs showcase. More detailed info on the party below.

And, just so you know, although I am super hype on the party that I will be hosting, the other parties going on this weekend are all really good too. It’s just one of those creepy weekends where like everything i working out jjuussttt the way you wanted….

Things that might give you chills up your spine thsi weekend:


Hmmm… what a better way to spend your Friday the 13th then with the gusy from Halloween Swim Team. Especially at a mysterious place called “Red Cove”. Hmmmm…… is this a costume party? Wouldn’t that make sense. Let’s all dress up and just really spook everyone out.

That stone figure on this flier is so creepy. Haha. The local bands on this lineup are awesome. Hi Revol Concept! Thanks for emailing me your flier! Revol Concept is cool. Go on my youtube page and check out teh videos I have of them if there is any doubt.


GO! I will be doing a party recap. In hand I will have my brand new digital voice recorder and will be trying to do some quick/fun interviews. I will have my camera and will be shooting youtubes. Everyone in this Sky Box room is my friend and they are gonna make it rumble in there. Watch for shattering glass below.

This is what will be below me at The Point After. Pretty dope, right? And, let’s be real people, this is a pretty good price for all that you will be seeing. Just, please, don’t be lazy. You can buy your $10 ticket before hand at Epidemic Skate Shop (Cathedral City) and Fresh Out The Box (Palm Desert). 18+/21 to drink. And come say hi to me! Maybe we can get a digital record session down… who knows. All I know is… when was the last time you saw Organic Junk Fude?!?

If you whimp out and decide not to go to the funess that I’m going to be at, then I gguuesssssssss you can come here. Dun dun dun. I kid, I kid. Much love for all these bands. It’s gonna be a good show. I promise. But, you know…

Hope to see you all on Saturday! If you don’t see your party up on this post then please email it to me. Thanks! thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com