O.D.C.I have always felt that the Coachella Valley and Los Angeles were like long lost lovers.
They need each other. Desert people need LA for cultural enrichment and excitement and LA people need the desert to get a piece of mind and unwind from the city’s hustle and bustle.
These long lost lovers had a hard time communicating with each other and staying in touch for some time. Until recently. .. .. .
Now, there is a new kid on the block. And the block is hot.
O.D.C. is this amazing publication that I found on the street this past week. It fuses what the happs are in the Coachella Valley with what the happs are in LA.
Genious! Right?
The publication is not just distributed in within the desert cities, it will be distributed all around the LA area as well. From Santa Monica, to Hollywood, to Silverlake, to Pasadena.
Within the pages of the mag is a nice blend of LA hot spots and CV hot spots. The latest in style, art, music, entertainment and culture are featured in this quarterly 4″x6″.
I think this is an amazing idea. And it is really relevant considering that Palm Springs has been making major moves in marketing the Coachella Valley (moreso Palm Springs) as a cool Spring Break spot for college-aged kids.
So, basically, this is an awesome idea. The more I think about it, the more I like it.
Looks like Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley are going to have the happy ending that was always ment to be after all……
Keep an eye out for it… and come back to see a virtual tour of the mini mag next week or so =)

(above is the LA cover, the Coachella Valley gets a different cover)

check the myspaces for hints: