Who else out there is excited about this March Equinox?!?!
(…crickets chirping…)
Okay, guess not.
Well, I am. And you should too. This is a special time of year that is actually kinda of relevant to this weekend. Let me explain… in my way of explaining things…
You see… on the Spring Equinox the Sun rises exactly in the east travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the west. Every place on earth will experiences this same 12 hour day. After the Spring Equinox, the Sun still continues to follow a higher and higher path through the sky, with the days growing longer and longer, until it reaches it highest point in the sky on the Summer Solstice.
This means that only good things are in store from Friday on out. On Friday, the whole planet Earth will have a similar experience of finding a balance. Of light and darkness. Good and evil.
The desert is no exception to the rule. This weekend the shows are divided right down the middle. Each show is equally stacked with talented and entertaining lineups. Each night has two shows. And from here on out it looks to me as if these desert parties are only going to rise up and up and up and get better and better and better….
The sign of all good things to come:

Alright, so the .gif version of this flier is way cooler. Too bad blogger isn’t .gif friendly. If it was, you would see this awesome hand coming up from out of the grave. I dunno… you have to see it to believe it. Just go on one of these band’s myspace and you will see what I’m talking about. Anyways, there is more to this book than just the cover. This is an AWESOME lineup!! The dive, J Dee’s is back in action and looks like everyone is ready to strip, dip, and dive back into the swanky place and sweaty face. Did that make sense??? I dunno… blame it on the Equinox.

Come Friday night, let’s say you just aren’t in a rock n roll kinda mood. Let’s say you’re in the mood for some… hmmmm…. hip hop. Well, then hip hop it is. The heavy hitters of the Coachella Valley’s backpacker scene will be serving an 8 course meal for you. Come hungry. Leave the beef at home.

There are a couple of key things that I would like to point out about this party. All of which are really good reasons as to why you should make it out to this show. As you may have read or heard, this is a benefit show. It would mean the world to the people who got together to organize this show for you to come and show support for a fellow member of your community. This show is being thrown in loving memory of Edward Lopez. And even if you didn’t know Edward, there are still many other reasons in why this show is go-able. The lineup is ridiculously good. Half Astro, Waxy, Whisky and Knives, Morun to the Moon, and Apollo Cortez! Seriously?!?! Need I say more? do your research if you don’t know.

If you were looking to get out of town, or if you are a High Desert folk reading this right now, then this another event that is equally as charming as the first. The low desert kids will be meeting the High Desert community for a night of all things quirky at Pappy and Harriets. Pappy and Harriets is an amazing place. Home to KCRW, LA’s hippest, and desert artists. Personally, I love this place and I don’t think it’s possible to have a bad time.

thanks for reading! have a safe weekend and i’ll see ya next week!