Good Morning Monday.

This week, starting in March and ending in April, will begin on a good note and leave on an even better one. Meaning, this week I will be focusing the blog on some of the desert’s best musicians that were born an bred out here and then on Friday they will come to life right in front of your eyes as they will be performing at a show at the El Dorado. Hopefully, this pre-game party on the blog will spark some interest, or good memories, that will entice you to make your way out to Indio for the show. It’s going to be like a Coachella Pre-party, for the real Coachella Vallians. Our own little Polo Fields party.

But, as you know, this blog isn’t all about the party, it’s about dropping knowledge as well. There are so many events going on around town this week/weekend and I can’t wait to share them with you. From art shows, to photos, to greenery, to the scenery…. the Coachella Valley Art Scene is going to have a busy week this week:

What the crystal ball has in store for us:

1. Rock n Roll. The desert is home to the music genre… stoner rock. Come on the blog later this week to read about some of the trailblazers that helped start this musical movement and helped put the desert on the map. These trailblazers will be playing in that show that I keep rambling on about, at the El Dorado on Friday, so keep an eye out for the flyer. And keep an eye out for me at the show. I will be doing what I love to do most, documenting the event.. Coachella Valley Art Scene style. So, make sure to come back next week for my multi-media story tale recap.

2. Coachella 2003, 2004, and 2005. The timeline of Coachella started last week with an overview of Coachella 1999, 2001, and 2002. This week I will feature some photos and videos to take you back a couple years. And make sure to keep an eye out next week for ’06, ’07, ’08. =)

3. News. Usually, I try to avoid it. But lately, I can’t get enough of it. I’m kind of in love with Palm Springs right now as they are shifting gears on us kids. They used to keep us in a neutral position, but lately they have been inviting us to explore the city and utilize the atmosphere a bit more by inviting Spring Breakers to the town. 3rd gear… 4th gear…

4. Randoms. What would a blog be if it didn’t have random posts?? Nada. So, stay tuned.

5. The usuals. Thursday’s Things 2 Do Thursdays features party fliers to all of the local shows with all of the local bands. FREE: Films, Events, Music will feature the general events around town that are open for anyone to go… and, as usual, I will do some Highlighted Events that I think you might be interested in.

6. Twitter. Okay, so there is currently a lot of “controversy” over Twitter… whatever. I think it’s great. It’s an awesome tool to stay connected to your community, without having to travel around or subscribe to a million different email lists. If you come on to the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s twitter,and fumbles through my list of people/places/businesses that I follow, you will see all the local businesses around town. It’s awesome!!

thanks for visiting, i really appreciate all the love and support that has been pouring in lately! if you have anything that you would like to share… please do! i’m always interested in hearing about new things, ideas, and people. email me at