I had heard about this party about a month prior from Steven Preston.
When he told me the lineup my eyes got really big.
“Ooohhhhh really?!”
The anticipation kept steady building until the night of.

I got off work late. Got to the show even later.
I wanted to make it there at 8:00pm, but didn’t get through the gates until Half Astro was already mid-way through their set.
First people I run into, without any planning at all, was the Date Farmers.
That was cool.
Next person I ran into was Daniel from
Hamburger Eyes. Daniel is awesome because he hooked me up with a Hamburger Eyes book, some stickers, and postcards. So, already the party was success in my eyes.
After I say hi to everyone and chat it up a bit I head over to the bar and the tent where they are making some burgers. Let me add here that the food was amazing. Thank you. What would a “stoner rock” music festival be without a food court? Right?

(the bar)

(where the food was served)
After eating, and before heading into the show, I ran into a few more friends. I took even more pictures, but my dsiposable camera that I got a thrift store for $1.00 wasn’t the best picture taker.

Now, it was time to check out the music.

The set up was amazing. It totally blew my mind and any expectations I had coming into the show. Just take a look at the set up for yourself in the photos and the videos.  The lighting and stage setup was AWESOME.  And the best part to all of this is that this whole concert took place outside, underneath the desert big night skies.  It was bad ass, to say the least.  
Half Astro banged out an amazing set.

Next up was the band that I was really, really looking forward to seeing… Brant Bjork & the Bros.


Next up was Fatso Jetson to close the night. And they wraped it up nicely. It was an another amazing set and the crowd was diggin’ it. I even saw a little fancy footwork with some of the ladies and gentlemen in the crowd. =)

(another video is in the works, come visit the youtube channel in a bit to get more)

The show ended with shout outs to everyone who helped put the show together and who had been supporting the bands since Day 1. It was the ultimate old school stoner rockers reunion. And a successful one at that.

As I made my way out to my car, which of course, was parked in a dirt lot, I ran into a couple more friends…

(Carlos of the Date Farmers showing off his newly released Date Farmers X Girl Skateboard)

(the drummer from Brant Bjork & the Bros’s hair)

(Mike from O.ther D.esert C.ities)

And last but certainly not least I met Mike from O.ther D.esert C.ities. I don’t know why he had a box of Girl Scout cookies, but that’s besides the point. I came up on pack of thin mints and left the party on a sweet note.

Excellent party you guys. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.